Alex Jazz Mercado Illness And Autism – What Is Jennylyn Mercado Son Condition?

Alex Jazz Mercado is suffering from an illness and autism. Jennylyn Mercado’s son Alex has special needs. 

Alex is the son of Jennylyn Mercado, a Filipina actress, songwriter, and singer, and Patrick Garcia, who professionally serves as a Filipino actor. However, his mom and dad have now split up their ways. 

Despite the separation, Alex has good bonding with his dad, including his half-sisters.

Alex Jazz Mercado Illness: Does he have Autism?

Alex Jazz Mercado has Autism and he needs special care. Despite being a single mother, Jennylyn has never hidden this illness of his son from the world.

Moreover, the lady is active enough to influence other women whose children suffer from the same situation.

Nevertheless, through the help of social media, numerous other mothers insist on a bit of advice from her to deal with the struggles of being a single parent with a child with special needs.

Jennylyn Mercado Son Condition and Health updates

It seems that Jennylyn Mercado’s son is now all great. We all know she is an actress. And to perform her duty, she needs to be out of the house for plenty of time. 

In that situation, Jennylyn had left particular command to her house helpers to take special care of her son Alex. On another side, Jennylyn explains how educating and giving information to other women suffering from the same obstacles helps them face the challenging situation more calmly.

Alex Jazz Mercado Age: When is his birthday?

Alex is 13 years of age. He was born on 16th August 2008. Well, the boy is growing too fast.

Jennylyn, his mother, has uploaded numerous pictures of her son’s birthday celebration on her Instagram handles.

The actress stated how her little son is now all grown up as a teenager. Nevertheless, Jennylyn’s current partner Dennis Trillo with son Calix also attended the birthday party.

Alex’s mother hosted a small party at home despite the quarantine whose theme was “We Bare Bears”. She lovingly calls her son Jazzy. Lastly, Jennylyn captioned how Alex will always be his baby boy.

Explore on his Instagram

Well, he had just stepped in his teenage so as of now, Alex is not present on the Instagram platform.

However, we can get an update on him through his mother’s social media.

Jennylyn is with the name mercadojenny on Instagram. She uploads pictures with her son roaming different places, whether near nature, celebrating the new year, or having a relaxing moment at home.