AGT: Is Aidan Bryant Gay? Age Height and Wikipedia

The finalist from America’s Got Talent, Aidan Bryant, is facing rumors of him being gay. More about him here. 

Aiden is a contestant on the show AGT. He has been giving all efforts throughout the competition that led him to the finale.

In episode 1619, the aerial act of Aiden has amazed all the audiences and the judges with a standing ovation.

Bryant has never failed to fascinate the viewers with his performance. With the finals coming on episode 1620, all his fans are super excited to know the results.

AGT: Is Aidan Bryant Gay?

We do not yet know if Aidan Bryant is gay as the finalist of the AGT has not talked about his gender identity. Despite that, many people are wondering about his sexuality.

The gay rumors of Aidan have been all over as he has not confirmed his identity yet.

Bryant seems to be very focused on developing his career as an aerialist and has barely got time for his love life.

So, we are not even sure if he is interested in male or female. Although, he seems to be in love with acrobatics.

Thus, Bryant himself has not confirmed the gossips being gay only remains under rumors.

Aidan Bryant Age And Height; How Young Is The AGT Finalist?

Aidan was born in 2005 and is 16 years old as of 2021. His birth month is still unknown, so his zodiac sign is not available.

As for his tallness, he seems to have a height of around 5ft and five inches. Although, the information is not accurate.

He started having a passion for acrobatics when he was at the young age of 14.

Just in two years, he has mastered himself in it. Then, we can only imagine how soon he will reach the height of his success.

Is Aidan Bryant On Wikipedia?

No, Aidan is yet to have his own Wikipedia page. Even so, his name is available on the “America’s Got Talent (Season 16)” Wikipedia.

On the given page, he is the finalist for the show whose result is yet not announced. His genre is acrobatics, and his act is the aerialist.

He grew up with his family in his hometown at Prince Georgia, Virginia. All of the judges in the AGT stand up in his last performance.

The boy used to learn acrobatics through his grandmother’s bedsheet by hanging in the tree. Now, he has become an outstanding self-taught performer.

He has also talked about his supportive mother, who helped him a lot during his tough time. He has come to California with his mother.

Besides, there are not many details about his family.

Additionally, he is active on Instagram with the username @aidanb.ryant.

He has got 17.7k followers, which is surprisingly rising after him being on the AGT finale.