Adam Goodes Dad Graham Goodes And Mum Lisa Sansbury Share Their Inspiring Story

Adam Goodes comes from an indigenous family where his dad and mum always faced defamation. Both Graham and Lisa publicly spoke about the struggles.

Adam was born and raised by his dad, Graham, and his mother, Lisa May, with his sibling, Jake and Brett. His father belongs to English, Irish and Scottish ancestry, and his mother belongs to Aboriginal Australian.

Goodes retired from his professional Australian rules football career and continued his new journey as CEO of IDID company, which works and supports Indigenous-operated small and medium businesses.

He published his book where he mentioned the Goodes’s Adnyamanthanha culture and his challenging experience of returning to his Country. He published the third iteration in 2022.

Adam Goodes Parents Graham Goodes and Lisa Sansbury

Adam Goodes was born and raised by his parents, Graham Goodes and Lisa Sansbury. His parents were separated when he was four, and his mother raised him in South Australia and Victoria.

They were of different ancestry; his father was an ancestry of English, Irish, and Scottish, and his mother was from Aboriginal Australia. Due to their origin, they have faced many problems in their life. 

A single Indigenous mother who raised Adam had chased his sporting career and explored the history of Australia. Adam Goodes said that his mother didn’t have a significant role in their upbringing or, correctly, looking at her kids. To search for a quality life and to make sure government didn’t then take her kids away. Moreover, his mother is a member of the Stolen Generation, so her mother, Lisa, sacrificed everything for the betterment of her child.

Adam Goodes Brothers are Also a Footballers

After the separation of Graham and Lisa, Lisa takes all the responsibility for Adam and his two brothers.

Adam was gifted two siblings, Brett Goodes and Jake Goodes, by his parents. Brett Goodes is the younger brother of Adam and was born on 17 February 1984. Likewise, Adam has another younger brother, Jake Goodes, who is also a footballer. However, he also retired from his football career in 2018.

Brett is a former professional Australian rules footballer playing for the Western Bulldogs in AFL. For now, Brett is working as a manager of the Indigenous program at the club.

In one of the Interviews, Brett revealed that his brothers had not played footy at an early age. When his brother, Adam, started playing footy after moving from soccer, he encouraged and motivated Brett to follow the path that he had started.

Brett started his professional career in the TAC cups under-18 and with the motive to be drafted into the AFL club. In 2013, he was drafted by the Western Bulldogs in the AFL and served for two years on the Bulldogs. He announced his retirement from his football career at the end of the 2015 season and has kept his profile low.

Adam Goodes Childhood Life

Adam Goodes and his sibling have faced many insults and discrimination during their young lives.

His parents were of different descent; his mother was Adnyamathanha and Narungga, and his father was English. Due to their mixed heritage, Adam and his brother, Brett, and Jake, endure insults.

His father and mother got separated when Adam was four years. Their mother, Lisa, takes care of Adam and her two other children in Wallaroo and Adelaide in South Australia and Merbein in Victoria.

Adam used to play soccer at an early age. Later, he started playing Australian rules football at Merbein West Primary School, where he attended his primary schooling. In high school, he represented U-16 and U-18 levels.

After shifting from soccer to footy, he motivates his brother, Brett, to start playing and making a career. Brett followed his brother and, with lots of hard work and dedication toward the game, made him the best player of the Western Bulldogs.

During his teenage age, he faced lots of insults. One time, Adam reacted to the insults he got from the stadium during his match. One of the girls stood and called him an Ape, and he stopped to play.

Due to lots of mental pressure, he announced retirement from his professional football career in 2015 after enduring some members of the media and influencers. Currently, he is working as an ambassador for Indigenous Australian.