Aaliyah Montez Found Dead & Death Cause Explored 

Police found Aaliyah Montez, the missing girl, dead on 3 December 2021.

There is an ongoing effort from The Clark County Coroner’s Office as they investigate the death. Further, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police said that the investigation has shifted from a missing individual one.

Police considered the missing Aaliyah endangered. The last time people saw her was near Boulder Highway and Russel Road at 8 p.m. on 28 November.

As for the officers, she was 5 feet 1 inch tall, weighing about 100 pounds, and had curly red hair. She was driving a 2019 white Nissan Sentra, which had a bumper sticker saying that if you hit me with my baby in the car, I will beat you until the cops come.

With the sad news of her untimely departure, her family and friends probably are grieving at the moment. At present, the notice of her funeral, including the time and place, remains unknown.

As for the death cause, they didn’t disclose anything about it. So, the only thing we can do is make speculations.

Nonetheless, the investigation is ongoing. Many people online followed the situation. There is even a Reddit thread on it. As per one user, her death was of intended suicide. Although speculation, there is a possibility.

Aaliyah Montez Wiki

Alaiyah Montez was a makeup artist and tiktok personality.

On TikTok, she goes by @aaliyahmontez and has 5709 followers and almost 100 thousand likes. She also has an Instagram account with the alias @iamaaliyahmontez and over 7 thousand followers.

There isn’t much that we know about her including, her educational qualifications, professional background, and family.

Nevertheless, we know that she is the mother of her son, Jayce Meacham (@jayceboogie). As for her age, she was 22 at her death.