7 undertrials attempt mass suicide in Vadodara Central jail

Vadodara, Sep 22 (IANS) Seven undertrials endeavored mass self destruction by drinking phenyl and cleanser fluid in Vadodara Focal Prison, police said on Thursday.

They were hurried to the SSG medical clinic, where their condition is expressed to be steady.

As per Delegate Chief of Police Abhay Soni, on Wednesday night, seven undertrials endeavored to take their lives by polishing off phenyl or cleanser fluid as they had a few complaints against the prison specialists.

The genuine intention behind this is yet to be determined, he added.

One of the prison detainees Brutal Limbachiya asserted that the prison specialists have halted their tiffin benefits and are requesting pay-offs to reestablish it.

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They are not permitted to leave the military quarters and food isn’t imprisoned detainees on time.