50 Cent Proves His Star Power With Million-dollar Performances!

Despite the fact that the “In Da Club” rapper hasn’t put out a studio collection beginning around 2014, he actually orders a high charge to perform live.

In a new meeting with Bulletin, the 47-year-old craftsman said, “I’m getting like $900,000, $1 million.”

“Big names are the coolest thing we produce in America. “On the off chance that you take a gander at LeBron [James]’ fan base all over the planet, you could address, “For what reason is he remaining here?” He is notable abroad. I can’t represent everybody, except as a rule, global side of the game is unique.”

The 50-year-old chief maker and star of the well known TV series “Power” proceeded, “I stand out I need from music when I need it.

“Wherever I visited during my new 45-country trip was sold out. That propelled me to give new music that I could now remember for everything.

I finished my objectives in the [sales] limit. More than 35 million of my records have been sold.” On Monday, “Get Rich or Die Tryin’,” 50 Penny’s presentation collection, praised its twentieth birthday celebration. One of the most incredible selling hip-jump collections ever, the collection has sold in excess of 12 million duplicates universally to date.

The collection’s creation was intensely affected by Sha Cash XL, the previous President of 50’s record mark, G-Unit Records.

Three of the collection’s melodies, “High Constantly,” “Poor Lil Rich,” and “Wanksta,” were composed and delivered by him. The whole presentation was recorded at his home.”

Sha, whose genuine name is Michael Jean Clervoix, said the record was “the best part” of his life while pondering it 20 years after the fact. “It’s extraordinary. I feel like it’s practically that very year now, after 20 years. Due to the collection’s proceeded with high energy level, it seems like 2003 ok presently “said he. “We really became rich without falling flat.”