22-Year-Old Model Brittan Byrd Raises The Temperature At Too Hot To Handle Season 4

The 22-year-old Hawaiian model Brittan Byrd joins the cast of Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle in the Caribbean for its fourth season.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Byrd enters the show with the confidence that she has what it takes to be a winner.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 premieres on 7 December 2022. The show started in 2020 and is one of the most popular reality shows on Netflix. Ten contestants will live in a villa in the Caribbean for a month. Only the contestant who abides by the laws and avoids any romantic relationship and intimacy with co-stars will be awarded a grand prize of $100,000.

The Hawaiian beauty has already raised the temperature among the contestant of season four of Netflix’s dating reality show. Creed McKinnon, Dominique, James, Jawahir, Kayla, Nick, Nigel, Seb, and Sophie are among the cast.

Brittan Byrd is a model from Hawaii

Byrd, who has her modeling roots in the beaches of Hawaii, is now determined to earn a place in the mainstream media with Too Hot To Handle.

She is a member of the Premier Models & Talent SAGAFTRA, a Hawaii-based modeling agency that promotes local talents. Her Linkedin profile states that she has been a Model Actress there since July 2021.

She is associated with the high-end luxury designer Step On Fashion (@steponfashion) based in Mexico City, Mexico. In a relatively short time, the stunning Hawaiian made it to the top of modeling at her home. She appeared on the cover of the Modern Luxury Hawaii Insider’s Guide 2022.

She was on the cover of Zephyr Magazine’s The Styling Issue – Summer 2022. Zephyr is a quarterly photography, fashion, and culture magazine based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has collaborated with many famous photographers in Hawaii, including Angelina Venturella, Megan Batson, IJfke Ridgley, and VisionbyBlade.

2019 was a watershed for the aspiring model. That year, Byrd became part of the Hawaii Polo Life family and participated in the HPL Polo Lounge Events.

On 1 August 2020, Byrd was featured in the promotional video of Hawaii Polo Life Sports. She also shot for the Summer 2020 campaign tie dye line. During that time, she had already landed signings with Next Models, The Face Models, and Renew Artists Hawaii.

Brittan Byrd’s Age and Height

Byrd is 22 years old and 5 feet 8 inches tall. The blonde was born in 2000 in Oahu, Hawaii, USA.

Byrd started her modeling at her home, on the shores of Hawaii. The beauty of the Hawaiian-born is complimented by the beautiful scenery of Hawaii in the background of her photoshoots.

It is clear that Byrd loves to spend her time in nature rather than in a studio with a white screen. She loves her hometown and has a longing for it wherever she goes.

In 2019, the Hawaiian beauty stepped off the Island and headed to Mexico. In her Instagram post, she wrote, “the best things don’t come from within your comfort zone”. There, the 19-year-old, modeled for the Mexican high-end luxury brand Step On Fashion.

At 19, she was already one of the lead models for the Hawaii Polo Life. It is Hawaii based clothing brand that promotes fashion inspired by polo cultures and the beauty of Hawaii.

Byrd is active on social media. Her Instagram account (@brittan_byrd) has 119K followers and 194 posts. She flaunts her modeling prowess on her Instagram feeds. She is also active on Twitter (@byrd_brittan) with a growing fan following.

Brittan Byrd’s relationship status

The 22-year Hawaiian model is not romantically involved at the moment. However, she has a lot of friends in the modeling business. 

She has worked with various models and photographers, of which Amadeo, Kora Explorer, Megan Batson, Danielle, Angelina Venturella, and IJfke Ridgley are her few mentions.

During her time in Greece, she had a shoot with Stef Giannakopoulos. Byrd’s caption read, “Somewhere in the middle of the sea.” Stef, who hails from Greece, has been in the modeling industry for some time. 

As it stands, the photo taken on the beach under the sun was strictly professional. Will her ‘single’ status remains as it is, or the upcoming show will change that? It will be interesting to watch, for sure.

Brittan Byrd is an explorer and outgoer

The 22-year-old model likes to explore nature and spend time enjoying serenity. 

The aspiring model prefers modeling in natural settings. The greenery, beaches, and waterfalls are standard settings where she is seen posing for the camera.

Byrd is an explorer who always looks forward to going to new places. The Hawaiian beauty has an athletic side to her which is very fond of hiking and deep diving. It will be interesting to see the energy she will bring to the sets of the upcoming show Too Hot To Handle.

One of her memorable hiking trips was to the Hawaiian landmark Stairway To Heaven in 2017. She visited Santorini Island and Sifnos Island in Greece in the June of 2021.

She is totally conscious of her health and fitness. She goes to the gym and practices yoga to maintain her slim and trim figure. She believes that keeping the mind healthy is as important as keeping the body fit. 

Her caption reads, “on my journey to ultimate health, health of my mind, my spirit, and my body.” And she poses a question, “what are you doing today to nourish your internal garden?”