22-Year-Old Ben Chisholm Missing From Magnetic Island -Mom And Sister Waiting On Island Hoping To Find Him!

Ben Chisholm is 22 and has been missing from Queensland’s Magnetic Island since July 13.

Ben and his family were on Magnetic Island the day he went missing. His family has shown concern as he had not wandered off this long.

However, police have scaled back their operation as they didn’t find evidence of Ben’s whereabouts, but his mom and sister are not backing up from the search.

22-Year-Old Ben Chisholm Missing From Magnetic Island

Ben Chisholm has been found missing from Magnetic Island. Before he went missing, he has last seen near the Arcadia walking trails. Police have been actively involved in the search for Ben.

On the search, Search parties found Ben’s clothes in the bush area, which had been scoured. Similarly, Nelly Bay has been an extensive search area, and the place where Ben lives has also been searched.

In addition to the search by police officers and rescue teams, the local islanders have been searching on jetskis and boats. But they haven’t found solid evidence that gives an idea about his whereabouts.

Recently, his friends believe he could have walked from Arcadia walking trails to Horseshoe Bay and taken the boat. Similarly, the yellow poly craft tender boat has been found missing.

So, he might have gone to Horseshoe Bay, but no solid information regarding his whereabouts has been found.

Sister Shiralee Rosario Explained Ben Chisholm’s Bad Mental Health

Ben Chisholm’s sister Shiralee Rosario has shared that her brother had terrible mental health. It was also revelead before he went missing, the police took him.

His sister blames the police that even though he had bad mental health, the police had dropped him alone at his home. Ben’s appearance is described as Caucasian with 170cm height.

He has a medium build with long and light-brown hair. Moreover, he was wearing shorts and a dark green long-sleeved pullover.

Ben Chisholm’s Mom, Jackie Burgess, Is Still Hoping to Find Her Son

The inspector Camilleri has revelead that they have scaled back their search. While his mother, sister, and family are not giving up their hope.

The inspector also revelead that their best trackers have not been able to find any sign of him. They have not found any broken twigs, hair, or blood. The search has been of no avail, so they have scaled down their search.

But Ben’s sister has asked for help to find her brother. She shared that Friday last week, there were 80 on the ground and air for two days, then it dropped to 30, then 8.

Now there are only 11 people. Similarly, Ben’s mother, Jackie Burgess, has refused to leave the tropical island. She hopes to find her missing son.