Sun-Jung Jung – Bio, Family & Facts About Oliver Stone’s Wife

Sun-Jung Jung? You probably guessed right: she is a South Korean woman who has been famous over the past two decades because of her marriage to the veteran American film director, screenwriter, and author, Oliver Stone. Jung is Stone’s third wife and in this brief exposition, you will get to know all you need to know about her.

Sun-Jung Jung Bio

So much is understandably not known about Sun-Jung Jung prior to her relationship with the Hollywood big shot. The reason is that she had very little going for her until her ascendancy through the marriage to upper social status.

Said to have been born in 1955 in her home country, the South Korean woman comes from a very poor background that denied her a lot of opportunities that are available to the average American. For instance, she said that she saw a car and television for the first time after her fifteenth birthday. Also, she had to drop out of school at a Korean equivalent of American basic education level to enable her contribute towards taking care of her younger siblings who were five in number at the time.

These desperate situations drove Sun-Jung Jung to seek greener pastures until she ended up as an immigrant in the United States. Upon her arrival in the US, she began to work in local restaurants, doing odd jobs. It was while working in one of the restaurants in Manhattan, New York, that her then-future husband Oliver Stone spotted her and they became friends which soon turned into a romance and then, marriage.

Her Kids and Family

Sun-Jung Jung and Oliver Stone finally wedded each other on January 16, 1996. They had earlier wanted to call off their relationship when Jung expressed a desire to return to South Korea while Stone expressed a desire to have kids with her. The story goes that Jung actually left Stone only to return a few weeks later to break the cheering news that she was pregnant with Stone’s baby. This instantly cemented their relationship and today, the rest is history.

The baby girl that Jung had been carrying in her womb arrived on November 3, 1995, and was subsequently named Tara Stone. So, the couple decided to legalize their relationship via the wedding that took place about three months later as already mentioned above.

Before his relationship with Sun-Jung Jung, Oliver Stone already had two kids from a previous marriage. His first marriage which lasted from 1971 to 1977 was with a woman named Najwa Sarkis. The details of this first marriage are terribly lacking coupled with the fact that it did not produce any child. Stone’s second marriage was with Elizabeth Cox who was a film producer’s assistant at the time the marriage was contracted. That second marriage which lasted from 1981 to 1993 produced two sons: the first son named Sean Stone was born in 1984 while Sean’s only younger brother Michael Jack Stone joined the human race in 1991. Although Sean and Michael are now all grown up and doing well for themselves in their chosen careers, Jung occupies the position of a step-mother to them, and they are a part of her family.

What To Know About Her Husband

As far as records go, Oliver Stone is the only person Sun-Jung Jung has ever been married to. As already mentioned, he is a highly respected American filmmaker who is versed in directing and producing movies as well as in screenwriting. He often makes movies that border on contemporary questions especially as they relate to politics. In fact, he has been copiously accused of using his movies to promote conspiracy theories. Yet, he has won numerous prestigious awards for his work.

An ex-infantry soldier with the US Army, Stone is credited for writing, directing or producing several hit screen projects. For instance, he won an Academy Award for writing the 1978 prison drama film Midnight Express. He also wrote the well-acclaimed 1983 gangster movie Scarface. He won another Academy Award for writing and directing the war drama film Platoon. And he has more and more credits for his work.

What Is Sun-Jung Jung’s Occupation?

We know this is one question you might have in your mind all along. We too have been asking the same question but we are still digging for the right answer. For now, we do not know Jung’s profession, although her husband’s fans have been expecting her to be a part of his movies; so far, this hasn’t happened.

Net Worth

We do not know Sun-Jung Jung’s occupation, neither do we know what she earns annually and as such, we can’t tell what her net worth is. However, she enjoys her husband’s net worth estimated at over $50 million.