Cassady McClincy Wiki – Age, Height & Biography of Walking Dead Actress

At such a young age, actress Cassady McClincy has already made name for herself by starring in a number critically successful and popular projects which has established her reputation as a talented young actress. Her work has cut across film and television, to include films like Love, Simon, and shows like Ozark, Castle Rock, and The Walking Dead.

The accomplishment at such a young age is one of the inherent traits of creative arts like acting which has very low age barrier, thus giving a chance for young talented people to make something of their talent without having to pass through the four walls of a school. In this article, we’ll take a closer at Cassady McClincy’s life, including her acting career the struggle to pursue a long and fulfilling career.

Cassady McClincy Biography & Age

The Walking Dead actress was born on the 1st of September 2000 in Los Angeles, California. Perhaps it was down to living in the world’s capital of entertainment but she fell in love with acting as a child and began her career at a very young age with the support of her parents.

Cassady was raised a Christian and has since spent over a decade in the industry as a professional actress, having made her debut in 2010. Whilst we know she attended high school, we do not have details of the specific school she chose, among other relevant background information about her, including the names of her parents and siblings.

Acting Career

Cassady got an early start to her career in professional acting and it all started for the young actress in 2010, when she made her debut in The Wizard of Agni, playing the character, Munchkin Bobbi in the feature-length film. Although it was her first appearance as an actress at the young age of 10, she made a lasting impression enough to secure another role in the same year in the short film, Five Smooth Stones.

Following her first two appearances in 2010, Cassady McClincy did not star in another project until 2013. The limited amount of information currently available about her means we don’t know why she stayed away, but her return to the screen in 2013 was also a debut for her in the television medium, getting cast as an unnamed troubled teen in the show, It’s Supernatural. In the following year, 2014, things got busier for Cassady McClincy who appeared in two projects, a TV Show, Drop Dead Diva as Laura Dwyer and in a documentary, Let the Lion Roar as Mary.

Her return from her three-year hiatus seemed to provide her with a lasting passion and fire for acting as she hasn’t stopped working ever since, taking on four more projects in 2015 across both film and television, starting with an appearance in an episode of the show, Constantine where she played the character of Amberly. She also appeared in the films, The Unexpected Bar Mitzvah and Crimes and Mister Meanors in the same year.

In 2017, Cassady McClincy appeared in Ozark, marking her first major project since she made her debut. In the show, she played the character, Anna Sloan in the episode, Book of Ruth. In the same year, she took up a recurring role in Daytime Divas as Tandy Ainsley and also starred in another documentary, Lore.

2018 proved to be the biggest and most significant year in her career yet when she starred in the critically acclaimed film, Love, Simon as Jackie and then appeared in Castle Rock as the recurring character, Young Molly Strand. In the same year, she was cast to play an important character, Lydia in The Walking Dead and she began appearing on screen as the character in 2019.

Meet Cassady McClincy’s Parents

As mentioned earlier, not much is known about the background of the young actress and details about her parents are very scanty. So far, we know her mother’s name is Dayla McClincy and she has a sister named Callie, who like her, is also an actress and stars on the show, Outcast.

We may not know the professions and other interesting details of Cassady’s parents but with two young women who are professional actresses, we know they are supportive parents who have encouraged the growth of their children.

Cassady McClincy’s Height

Cassady McClincy has a height of 5 feet 4 inches with a body weight of 51kg. Her body measurement, which defines her curves are measured thus – 33, 24 and 34 inches for her bust, waist and hip sizes respectively. Additionally, she has hazel colored eyes and black hair.