180+ Goldendoodle Dog Names

The Goldendoodle is a combination of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle. It is known as a “designer breed” due to the mix of the two dogs. Moreover, due to its charming, intelligent, and fun nature, it is also considered a popular family pet.

These dogs can be found in various furs, colors, and sizes. If you are looking for a good name for your new companion then we have got you covered. Now, this post will give you a list of all the Goldendoodle dog names, from cute to funny. We hope this will help you make the right choice for your puppy.

Goldendoodle Names Based On Appearance

In this block, we have gathered the list of Goldendoodle dog names that are based on appearance.

1. Moose

The name Moose is a fun and unique choice for a dog which is of black coat. It is associated with the majestic and strong animal, the moose.

2. Raven

The meaning of the name Raven is “dark-haired” or “wise.” It is traditionally a female name.

3. Buck

The name Buck is a strong and masculine choice for a dog. It has English origins and is often related to male deer who love to explore and embrace the outdoors.

4. Pippi

The name Pippi is a variation of Philippa or Pippa. The meaning of the name is “horse lover,” which has a warm, classic feel.

5. Merida

Merida is a feminine name of Latin origin that means “one who has achieved a high honor.”

6. Blaze

Blaze is a gender-neutral name of Latin origin meaning “fire” or “flame.”

7. Tabasco

Tabasco adds a touch of spice and excitement to your dog’s identity as it is the iconic hot sauce made from Tabasco peppers.

8. Ginger

The name is Ginger is one of the most beloved pet names for red dogs. It implies a sense of sweetness, warmth, and playfulness.

9. Melon

Melon is one of the most fitted pet names for golden dogs. It is the name that represents the perfect coat for your furry friend.

10. Brandy

The name Brandy is a girl’s name of Dutch origin meaning “burnt wine.”

11. Hazel

Hazel is a feminine name of Old English origin meaning “the hazel tree.” This name tends to be loving, affectionate, loyal, and good-natured.

12. Fawn

Fawn is a feminine name derived from the French faon or feon, carrying the adorable meaning of “young deer.”

13. Marinara

Marinara is a seafood-style sauce of red color. This is the perfect name for a canine with a red color coat.

14. Ruby

The name Ruby means “precious red stone.” It is the name that is best for the red canine friend.

15. Poe

Poe is a boy’s name of Norse origin, meaning “peacock.” This name is perfect for the little one who is getting ready to strut their stuff from day one.

16. Grim

The name Grim has a bit of a darker and edgier connotation. It can be associated with words like “grim” or “grim reaper,” related to death or a somber mood.

17. Butler

Butler is a name that is derived from the Old French word bouteillier, meaning “bottle bearer.”

18. Daphne

Daphne is a feminine name of Greek origin that means “laurel tree.” It is a name related to companionship and intelligence.

19. Mahogany

Mahogany is a name of Spanish origin that has the meaning “dark red wood.” It is the name that represents the red coat color of the dog.

20. Tangerine

The meaning of the name Tangerine is “a variety of mandarin orange.” It is the best name that reflects the golden coat of the dog.

21. Rose

The name Rose signifies the beautiful color of roses, which matches their sweet and affectionate nature.

Cute Goldendoodle Names

22. Blondie

The meaning of the name is “caressing,” and “light hair.” It is a variant of the name Blondell.

23. Caramel

Caramel is the name which translates to meaning “garden,” “orchard,” and “vineyards of God.”

24. Cookie

Cookie is the name meaning “sweet and gentle.” This name is given to these dogs to describe their playful nature.

25. Cardamom

Cardamom is a name with a Greek origin that combines the two-word kardamon meaning “cress,” and amomon meaning “spice plant.”

26. Simba

The name Simba is of Swahili origin meaning “lion,” or “strength.” If your furry friend is brave then this name will fit for them.

27. Bambi

A diminutive of the Italian word bambino, which means “child.” This name is also related to companionship and beauty.

28. Nala

Nala is a cute feminine name that has originated from many African cultures. The meaning of the name is “queen,” “lion,” and “successful.”

29. Waffles

The dog named Waffles is related to companionship. It is the name that tends to be loving, good-natured, and brave.

30. Goldilocks

The meaning of the name Goldilocks is “a dog with golden hair.” It is the perfect name that represents the hair color of the dog.

31. Butterscotch

Butterscotch is related to a hard candy made from butter, brown sugar, syrup, and vanilla. It represents the sweet and lovable nature of the dog.

32. Scotcheroo

Scotcheroo is a tasty treat made with peanut butter, chocolate, and crispy rice cereal. It is a fun and unique name for a dog, though! 

33. Josie

Josie is the female name originated from the Hebrew name Yosef, meaning “God will add or increase.” 

34. Sadie

Sadie is a girl name of Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name is “princess.”

35. Moll

The name Moll is a girl’s name meaning “drop of the sea, bitter, or beloved”. Moll is one of those names that is used all the time as a nickname.

36. Mika

Mika is a name rooted in Latin, Hungarian, Japanese, Hawaiian, Hebrew, and Czech with different meanings. These include “fragrance,” “who resembles God,” “three trees together,” and “quick and nimble.”

37. Hank

Hank is a masculine name of German origin. This familiar name translates to “home-ruler.”

38. Cody

The meaning of the name Cody is “helpful person.” This is the name that is perfect for the dog which is helpful and loyal.

39. Tucker

Tucker is a popular dog name that has English origins. It means “cloth softener” or “one who folds cloth.” It’s a cute and friendly name that could suit a dog with a soft and cuddly nature.

40. Rusty

The meaning of Rusty is “red-headed.” It is an affectionate-sounding nickname for your furry friend.

41. Abby

Abby is a cute and good dog name that is associated with a happy, free-spirited dog. 

42. Amber

The name Amber is a traditionally feminine name with roots in both Arabic and Celtic languages. It means “fierce” or refers to the amber-colored jewel of the same name.

Goldendoodle Names Boy

Some of the boy Goldendoodle names are as follows:

43. Sammy

Sammy is a name of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has heard.” It is a common nickname throughout Western culture.

44. Harry

The name Harry is of German origin. It has the meaning “home ruler” which is the best name for the little majesty of your heart.

45. Lance

Lance is a pet boy’s name, meaning “servant.” It’s a strong name that suits a loyal and dependable pet.

46. Cooper

Cooper is a male given name of English origin meaning “barrel maker.” Over time, it has become a trendy name for dogs, representing craftsmanship and reliability.

47. Teddy

The name Teddy has French origins that means “wealthy protector” and “God’s gift.” It is one of the renowned names among the furry pets.

48. Darrel

Darrel is a masculine name with French and English origins. The meaning of the name is “open,” which reminds your little one to keep an open mind.

49. Jasper

This name is derived from the Greek word treasurer and is related to “strength and stability.” It is a popular name among pets as it is believed to bring good luck.

50. Duke

The name Duke is of Latin origin which means “leader of the herd; high-ranking nobleman.” They are dogs that love playtime.

51. Lucas

Lucas is the name of the Latin form of the Greek name, and it has the meaning “bringer of light.” It is the best name for a dog who brings light into your life.

52. Marty

The meaning of the name Marty is “dedicated to Mars.” This name is perfect for a dog who has a brave heart.

53. Zacky

The meaning of the name Zacky is “the Lord has remembered.”

54. Winston

Winston is a male name of British origin. It is generated from the Old English name Wynstan, meaning “joyful stone.”

55. Leo

The meaning of the name Leo is “brave people” or “lion-hearted.” It is a name that is suitable for brave dogs.

56. Doodle

Doodle is the perfect name that highlights your Goldendoodle’s breed. 

57. Archie

The meaning of the name Archie is “genuinely bold, brave.” It is the best name for dogs that show their bold and fearless nature.”

58. Milo

Milo is the name that is derived from the Latin word miles, meaning “soldier” or “mercenary.” This name is suitable for a kind-hearted Goldendoodle.

59. Oliver

Oliver is a boy name meaning “olive tree” or “peaceful.” It’s a classic and timeless name that matches a dog with a calm and gentle nature.

60. Griff

The meaning of the name Griff is “strong lord,” or “prince.”

61. Spike

Spike is a male dog name that signifies strength and courage. The meaning of this name is “long nail.”

62. Simpson

Simpson is a surname of Scottish origin, meaning “son of Simon.” It is a unique and distinctive choice for your furry friend.

63. George

George is a boy name of Greek origin. Derived from the Greek word georgos and the Greek name Georgios, this name means “farmer” or “earthworker.”

Goldendoodle Names Girl

Below are some of the girl Goldendoodle names that you may like for your canine.

64. Sherry

Sherry is the variant of the French name Cherie, meaning  “darling.” It is the perfect name for the pet who is close to you.

65. Carrie

Carrie is a female name of American origin meaning “free.” 

66. Maple

The female name Maple reflects the warm and rich color of maple syrup. Just like the sweetness of maple syrup, these dogs have a charming and delightful nature.

67. Marigold

Marigold is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “golden flower”. It is the best name for a Goldendoodle as it reflects their coat.

68. Honey

Honey is a feminine name of Old English origin. The meaning of the name is “nectar” and is a unique way to celebrate your canine sweetness.

69. Shakira

Shakira is a female name of Arabic origin with the meaning of “grateful” and “thankful.”

70. Armani

Armani is of Italian origin name with meaning “warrior.” It is a name that is perfect for brave dogs.

71. Mocha

The meaning of the name Mocha is “beautiful and faithful woman.” It is the best way to represent the beauty of Goldendoodle.

72. Crystal

Crystal is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It symbolizes something clear or precious.

73. Tracy

The name Tracy is originated in Norman French. It has the meaning “from the place of Thracius.”

74. Goldie

Goldie is a female name of British origin, meaning “made of gold.” It is a perfectly fitting name for a Goldendoodle.

75. Dorothy

Dorothy is a girl’s name of Greek origin, meaning “gift of God.”

76. Mary

The name Mary is of Hebrew origins and means “drop of the sea,” “bitterness,” and “beloved.”

77. Demi

Demi is a name of French origin, meaning “half” or “small.” It is a cute name for your female canine who is small and cute.

78. Tessa

Tessa is a lovely dog name with multiple origins. It is a short form of Theresa, which means “harvester” or “reaper” in Greek. It is also a variant of the name Tess, which means “to reap” in English.

79. Martell

The meaning of the name Martell is “dedicated to Mars” or “hammer.”

80. Thandie

The meaning of the name Thandie is “beloved.” It is the best choice for your bouncing canine full of love and joy.

81. Gretel

Gretel is a German name, that has the meaning “pearl.” It is the name that is suitable for the female canine.

82. Spring

Spring is the nickname for a young female dog from Middle Old English meaning “youth growth.”

83. Daffodil

Daffodil is a female name of Old French origin. It has the meaning “yellow flower.”

84. Hermione

Hermione is a feminine name derived from Hermes which has the meaning “well-born.”

Goldendoodle Puppy Names

85. Shrimp

The meaning of the name Shrimp is “thin one.” It is the name that is perfect for your small canine.

86. Twiglet

The name Twiglet means “a beautiful source of nature.” The canine with this name tends to be loving, and affectionate.”

87. Mini

The meaning of the name Mini is “a tiny or a small version of anything.” It is the best name for the puppies.

88. Skittle

The name Skittle is a playful and colorful choice for puppies. It is associated with the small, colorful candies called Skittles.

89. Niblet

Niblet is a cute and whimsical choice for a dog. It reflects images of something small and adorable, like a little nibble or a tiny treat.

90. Buttons

The name Buttons is an adorable and charming choice for a dog. It evokes a sense of cuteness and playfulness.

91. Candy

The meaning of the Candy is “sweet.” It is the name for the puppies as they have a sweet nature.

92. Dopey

Dopey is the best name for Goldendoodle dogs because it reminds the lovable and goofy character from Snow White. Goldendoodles often have a playful and silly nature, just like Dopey.

93. Boots

There are many meanings of the name Boots as “messenger, bringer, little boy, and baby boy.”

94. Pluto

Pluto is the Latin form of the Greek name Plouton, meaning “wealth-giver.” 

95. Sprout

The meaning of the name Sprout means “new.” It is suitable for the dogs who are new members of our family.

96. Shorty

The name Shorty means “little one.” It is the name that perfectly suits the little puppies.

97. Crusher

The name Crusher suggests strength, force, and determination. It’s a bold choice for a dog name, and it can represent a dog with a strong and fearless personality.

98. Blossom

Blossom is a girl’s name of British origin meaning “flower-like.” 

99. Cutie

The meaning of the name Cutie is “an attractive person, a cute person.” It represents the jolly nature of the pup.

100. Snuggles

Snuggles is the name that signifies “a freedom-loving and free-spirited.”

101. Teeny

Teeny is an English Girl’s name and the meaning of this name is “The Small One.”

102. Champ

This is the mini form of the name “Champion.” This is the perfect name for your pet with a winning personality.

103. Ladybug

Ladybug is a delightful and charming choice for a dog as it brings to mind the image of a tiny, colorful insect with black spots.

104. Baby

The Baby name is of English origin which means “infant.” It is a suitable name for the pup.

105. Bubbles

The name Bubbles means “Bubbly.” This is the best name for small cute puppies.

106. Sunny (Sunshine, Happy, Cheerful Temperament)

107. Yogi (A devotee)

108. Norman (Man from the North)

109. Max (Greatest) 

110. Finn (Fair)

111. Oakley (Meadow of oak trees)

112. Coco (Coconut)

113. Callie (Beautiful, Lovely)

114. Theo (God’s gift)

115. Hank (Home ruler)

116. Koda (Friend)

117. Mia (Gracious)

118. Roxy (Dawn)

119. Rudy (Famous wolf)

120. Oscar (Champion warrior, God spear)

121. Hudson (Son of Hugh)

122. Lexi (Man’s Defender)

123. Maddie (Maiden, Young)

124. Reggie (Counsel and Rule)

125. Wilson (The son of William)

126. Aspen (Shaking tree)

Large Goldendoodle Names

127. Titus (Title of honor)

128. Polar (Of the pole)

129. Maximus (Greatest)

130. Kingsley (King’s Meadow)

131. Vader (Senior)

132. Rambo (Reckless, Rebellious)

133. Venti (Twenty)

134. Spike (Long, Heavy nail)

135. Ranger (Forest guardian)

136. Smoky (The soul of the fire)

137. Skye (Island of clouds)

138. Legend (Hero, Fable)

139. Wilder (Untamed)

140. Sasha (Defender, Helper of mankind)

141. Kilo (Daydreamer)

142. Sam (God has heard)

143. Sirius (Glowing, Burning, Dogstar)

144. Maverick (An independent man who avoids conformity)

145. Zelda (Gray fighting maid)

146. Magnus (Greatest)

147. Yukon (Great river, white water river)

Unique Goldendoodle Names

148. Lana (Light, Blessed, Precious)

149. Comet (Head with long hair)

150. Darius (Maintains possessions well)

151. Leia (Weary)

152. Chord (A group of notes or strings sounded together)

153. Maude (Powerful battler)

154. Arya (Noble, Song)

155. Fury (Raging Anger)

156. Kasey (Alert, Vigorous)

157. Ella (Fairy maiden, Goddess)

158. Moses (Savior)

159. Waylon (Courageous fighter)

160. Alex (Defender of humankind)

161. Poker (To bluff)

162. Lamont (Lawman)

163. Cheddar (Dark)

164. Adelaide (Noble kind)

165. Peaches (A particularly admirable or pleasing person or thing)

166. Shiloh (Tranquil, Abundance)

167. Levy (Joined)

168. Mozzy (Clever minded)

Funny Goldendoodle Names

169. Goofy (Silly)

170. Happy (Joyful, Prosperous)

171. Tails (Rich)

172. Sponge (Discipline, Reliability)

173. Zoomie (An energetic one)

174. Shaggy (Rough hair)

175. Nugget (Rough lump, A small)

176. Timmy (In God’s honor)

177. Bacon (Curious spirit that chases dreams courageously)

178. Elmo (To love, God’s helmet)

179.  Chicklet (A small or young chick)

180. PeeWee (One that is diminutive or small)

181. Tater Tot (Slang for potato, and baby)

182. Noodle (A dummy, The head)

183. Cheerio (Goodbye)

184. Speedy (Fortunate, Successful, Swift)

185. Hairball (A compact mass of hair)

186. Marshmallow (The fluffy candy)

187. Cornelius (Horn)

188. Lazy (Not willing to act or work)

189. Kuma (Bear)

190. Goldi Locks (A pet with golden hair)