15 Rarest Lego Minifigures You Could Buy In 2023

Rarest Lego Minifigures are 1. Red Sox 2. Cloud City Boba Fett 3. Mr. Gold and 12 others. Rarest Lego Minifigures are small plastic figures that The Lego Group.

It started to produce in 1978, has been extremely popular, and got high demand with more than 4 billion Minifigures produced in 2020.

It is mostly found along with Lego sets. The most valuable Lego sets are the LEGO castle which is worth $6,300 and the Space Command Center which used to be sold for 24.99 USD and now is worth $10,400.

Other figures produced by other companies are Kreons and Mega Bloks, which are Lego substitutes. Lego sets also come with other types of figures like mini-doll figures and Duplo figures aside from the Minifigures.

15 Rarest Lego Minifigures You Could Buy In 2023

The rarest lego Minifigures you can buy in 2023 include Mr. Gold and 14k Gold C-3PO.

Many buy the figures separately in stores as collectible items in the Lego stores and online sites.

There are different kinds, including different characters for notable TV shows, movies, game franchises, and many unnamed characters with a specific theme.

Lego Minifigures are some of the most recognizable toys for kids above six and adults with different varieties to collect and determine your favorite.

The rarest lego Minifigures that are extremely difficult to find as well as expensive are:

  1. Solid Sterling Silver C-3PO
  2. Solid Bronze C-3PO
  3. Boba Fett Trio
  4. Wooden Sensei Wu
  5. Solid Platinum R2-D2
  6. Solid 14K Gold C-3PO
  7. Prototype George Lucas
  8. Zebra Batman from Comic-Con
  9. Azog from Comic-Con
  10. Superman from Comic-Con
  11. Solid Silver R2-D2
  12. Toy Fair Captain America and Iron Man
  13. Mr. Gold
  14. Cloud City Boba Fett
  15. Red Sox

15. Red Sox

The fifteen Lego Minifigure on the list is Red Sox. Only 2,500 to 12,000 figurines of Rex Sox have been produced.

It is deemed rare as only a few sports figures have been made aside from the Soccer, X-Games, and NBA themes. Red Sox was made as a giveaway to the attendees of the Rex Sox game.

The Minifigure can be made remade as a custom however, the real figures are extremely hard to come across.

According to Rarest Org, the department of Fenway Park promo department stated that less than 12,000 Minifigures have been produced.

Red Sox was made sometime between April and August of 1999. The two companies Lego and the Boston Red Sox got together as a promotion where the figures and Duplo Bricks were given. It was given out in August 1999.

The exact price of the figure is not known however, it is estimated to be at the price of around 100 USD.

The team name Red Sox is written at the front of the figure with red and blue colored printing.

The skin of the figure is yellow, and it is wearing a red cap. The back of the Red Sox is plain with nothing written on it however, some people state that it has the words Lego written on the backside.

An Instagram user @tigerbricks11 posted a photo of his Red Sox on December 25, 2017, stating that it was the rarest Minifigure he had in his collection which was handed out in 1999 Fenway Park and is the only official MLB Minifigure.

14. Cloud City Boba Fett

Another Minifigure that is on the list is the Cloud City Boba Fett. It is in high demand with collectors, and the figurines are hard to find, making them worth higher.

This variant of the Boba Fett is comparatively rare than others, and only a small number of the figure was made. People are still searching for the figure after 20 years of its release.

The original Boba Fett from Lego Star Wars is exclusive to the 10123 Cloud city set.

According to Brick Economy, the Minifigure is estimated to have a price value of around $2,973, with a growth of 23.6% yearly. With the increasing popularity and the lack of availability compared to other sets, the price has increased exponentially.

It has green armor with light gray arms and comparatively darker gray-colored hands. The head has no facial structure. The jetpack and the helmet are a one-piece set. The helmet has a visor section at the front with two triangles at the front and yellow rectangles on the left side.

The Star Wars theme was made in 1999, and people were excited to collect the set as it was only available in sets from The Phantom Menance and the Original Trilogy.

In 2003, a Cloud City set made by Lego included the Boba Fett. According to Brick Fanatics, it was not the first design the company had settled on. They previously had another version with a completely different arm printing which was different in proportions, plate designs, and the shape of the wrist rocket.

A prototype Fett Minifigure was found in 2015 by a collector who lived in France. Minifigure Price Guide posted images of the prototype. It was reportedly obtained in 2000 at an event located in Billund.

13. Mr. Gold

Mr. Gold is also a limited-piece figure, only produced approximately 5,000 times.

The Minifigure is a pricy and rare part of the LEGO company and collectors have been trying to get a hold of the figure for a long time. It is the seventeenth Minifigure by the company, which was introduced in series 10.

The company randomly dropped Mr. Gold to celebrate the 10th series of Collectible Minifigures (CMF) into 5000 blind bags worldwide.

The Minifigure was given randomly in the Series 10 pack, and only the lucky people could find Mr. Gold and get a special VIP code in the package. The code was to be put on the official site of Legos, and people were awarded a virtual Diploma.

People would buy the 16 Minifigures given randomly in single-figure packs at 3 USD, and Mr. Gold was given only to some people.

It was estimated that the chance to have it in the bag was one in 1.2 million at random with only many pieces made in 2013.

With only 5,000 Minifigures, it is extremely rare and sought after by collectors. The estimated value is around 4,950 USD and grows annually by more than 30%.

Mr. Gold is made out of chrome gold parts aside from his hands which are a gray color representing gloves to give an impression of a billionaire. He is wearing a gold top hat and has a gold face with a gold torso. There is a print of a suit on the front. The Minifigure is the first to have a top hat in gold.

The Lego Minifigure is a Lego take on the character of Mr. Monopoly also known as the Rich Uncle Pennybags with his top hat, walking cane, and monocle.

12. Toy Fair Captain America and Iron Man

The 2012 Toy Fair Captain America and Iron Man is the 12th Minifigure on the list are approximately 125 Minifigures worldwide.

Captain America Minifigure was an exclusive promotion at the New York Toy Fair. Iron Man was also given during the fair and made in about 125 pieces.

It is an exclusive set that was only given during the fair as it was promoted as the Marvel Super Heros. It is the first LEGO Marvel Minifigures that was ever made.

Even for those who attended the fair, it was difficult to get ahold of the Minifigure as only 125 lucky people got the Captain America and Iron Man Minifigure.

Iron Man and Captain America were given as a pair, so finding one without the other is impossible. The Minifigure occasionally appears in the market and is bought at an extremely high price.

The price is estimated at around $7979 for the Iron Man and Captain America set, the Minifigure number SH028. With such limited pieces and their high value to the collectors, the price is said to grow even more.

The price has been increased by 35% every year and is said to be more than 9000$ in 2024.

The Captain America Minifigure has a serious facial expression and comes with a printed helmet with the letter A. It comes in four separate pieces that include the character’s iconic shield.

The body of the Minifigure has printing on the front, and the back and the legs are of dark color. There is a star at the front. He has a red hand which is supposed to be the gloves of Captain America.

The Iron Man Minifigure also has a serious expression, and the figure’s body is completely red. There are gold designs on the front of the mask and the torso. It also has a design on the back.

The Minifigure is pre-assembled, and there is a numbered card back with the set of Captain America and Iron Man.

11. Solid Silver R2-D2

Only ten Minifigures of the Solid Silver R2-D2 were made in 2017, making it one of the rarest Minifigures in the world.

There is a low chance of getting this figurine as there are not many of them available, and the collectors are willing to pay a high price for this exclusive R2-D2.

With fewer Minifigure made the estimated price of R2-D2 is $28,700. The Minifigure number is SW0028S, which is from the Star Wars franchise.

The headpiece is entirely silver, and there are other details engraved in the body of the silver version of the R2-D2 however, it is not as detailed as the other versions.

The R2-D2 comes in a pack with numbered authentication card back with a chunky case that could be removed. The Minifigure states that there are only 10 solid sterling silver R2-D2. It is given in big packaging with the number written of one to ten written on it.

It is a droid and the counterpart of C-3PO. The first R2-D2 was released in 2012, and LEGO has made several designs of R2-D2.

The silver version was given to the contestants in the year 2017. However, there have been reports that people won it in 2019 and 2020.

According to Minifigure Price Guide, it was originally made as a polybag giveaway to customers after they shop. Later it was changed, and people had to enter a contest that was made for the promotion of the Stars Wards series.

Five of the rare R2-D2 have been found on Reddit. Many people have posted their exclusive silver version of the R2-D2 that was given in a contest on Reddit, stating that they won in 2019.

10. Superman From Comic-Con

Another Minifigure on the list of 15 Rarest Minifigure that you can buy in 2023 is Superman from the Comic-Con.

The Superman Minifigure is extremely rare, as only a few pieces of the Minifigure were given away. As per Brickpedia, there are only six pieces of figurine made.

It is a part of a limited Minifigure series with other Super Heroes sets. The Superman Minifigure was given away at the DC booth in 2011 at the Comic-Con in New York.

Superman from the 2011 Comic Con is a promotional DC Comics Super Heroes set that was given to only one person who won the daily raffle, similar to the Comic-Con exclusive of Batman and other character giveaways.

Since it was a gift to those, who attended the event, even if a person attended the event, they had a small chance of getting the figure.

The estimated price of the exclusive Minifigure is around 6,419 USD, and it is predicted that the value of the figure with the rise to more than $9,000 in the next five years, as per Bricks Economy.

This Superman has dark hair, which is curly, and one strand of the hair is falling on the face. He has a double-sided head where one side of the head is extremely serious, and the other side is grinning.

Both sides of the head have sunken cheeks. He has a red cape with a blue costume that he is wearing which has the superman logo with the signature S on the front with yellow and red. He also has a belt. The hands and face are of light skin color.

The Superman Minifigure comes in newspaper packaging. The front of the card looks like a newspaper with the title Super Heroes Unite written on it. The bottom has the logo of DV Universe. LEGO and the NY Comic-Con.

It is written that it is a limited preview-edition LEGO super heroes Minifigures to launch LEGO super heroes Minifigures in 2012.

The back side also has another paragraph of text written, and there is an image of Superman flying.

9. Azog From Comic-Con

The Minifigure on the ninth on the list is the Minifigure of Azog that was given at a Comic-Con.

It is a limited production design made specifically for the Comic-Con of 2013 that happened in San Diego. Only a few people got the Minifigure.

It was not on sale and was given as a gift to some lucky people who attended the event. Five+ pieces of Azog has made to date.

The collectors are highly interested to have the Minifigure in their collection are it is an exclusive figurine that has increased its value even more.

The giveaway was done on a random basis, and not many people were able to get their hands on the sculpture-designed Minifigure.

The LEGO The Hobbit Azog Minifigure of 2013 Comic-Con is estimated to be around $6,385, with an increase of 22% on average yearly. It is predicted that the figurine will be worth above $7,000 in 2024.

The Minifigure was released on December 2013 and appeared as the theme of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was specially made for the convention and later appeared in the 79014 Dol Guldur Battle set.

It also made an appearance in the 79017 Battle of Five Armies. The Azog is known as the Pale Orc, which is extremely rare.

Azog has pale light skin where one of the hands is brown, and the other has a claw-like structure which can be compared to the legs of Mordor Orc. The creature is a unique figure.

It has a different headpiece, blue eyes, and brown scars all over the face. The ears are pointy, and Azog does have any hair. The face has a scary expression with sharp teeth, and the nose is flat. The figure has brown belt-like clothing on the bottom.

The Battle of Five Armies Azog is identical to this one but has a different facial expression.

8. Zebra Batman From Comic-Con

The eighth Minifigure on the list is a Zebra Batman, a limited edition Minifigure given at Comic-Con.

There are only five pieces of the exclusive Zebra Batman made, so it is highly valuable to collectors who want to keep the unique figurine.

It is sought after by many people with a low chance of getting the Minifigure. LEGO posted that it was a 4-on-5 chance that a person would win it.

Zebra Batman was given out during the Sandiego Comic-Con in 2019. Only one figurine was given out at the Comic-Con, and only five were made. People had to enter a lottery to have a chance to win this figure, and only one person got it.

It is highly exclusive, with hundreds of people attending the event; only one got the Zebra Batman.

It was given for the 80th anniversary of Batman. This version is based on Detective Comics #275. Since the Minifigure was given as a promotional gift, it does not have a monetary cost.

The price of the Zebra Batman is estimated to be $800 per Brick Economy, with an average yearly increase of 37%. It is predicted that the price with increase to around $1000 in the next few years.

The Zebra Batman has Zebra Stripes all over the body, and the legs, except for the hands, are plain with no designs. There is a signature Batman logo on the front.

The belt figurine has a gold-printed belt, and the batman mask can be taken out, revealing a normal face. The head is plain with lines, somewhat like a headband.

There is also a cape with stripes on the outside which can be moved. He has a double-sided face, with one side grumpy and the other side angry.

The packing showed the Lego symbol and Batman logo on the front and stated that there were only five pieces. The back side has an advertisement for the video game LEGO DC Super Villians.

7. Prototype George Lucas

Prototype George Lucas is also a part of the 15 Rarest Minifigures as there are only a few pieces of the Minifigures.

The exact number of the prototype is unknown to the public however, it is stated that it is extremely low. The number is extremely low that it is never seen in the secondary market.

It was not made for sale and did not have a monetary value. It was made as a display to celebrate the 2010 Star Wars Weekends held at Disney theme parks.

The Minifigure Price Guide has positioned it on the Top 100 Lego Minifigures with an estimated value of the Minifigure being $2,600.

The figurine has gray wavy hair and a gray beard. He is the recreation of George Walton Lucas Jr. The character is wearing a blue and red plaid shirt in the torso from the Winter Village Bakery set.

The Prototype has plain gray pants, and the back side is plain blue. His face and hands are of light skin color. The face is extremely close to the actual George. It is so rare that there is no information on the number of pieces the character has.

George Lucas is an American filmmaker and entrepreneur known for making the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises. He is the founder of Industrial Light & Magic as well as the founder of Lucasfilm.

Lucas sold Lucasfilm to the Walt Disney Company in 2012 and previously he used to work as the CEO and chairman of the company.

6. Solid 14K Gold C-3PO

The sixth Minifigure on the list is the Solid Gold C-3PO that only has a total of five pieces all over the world.

With such a low number of pieces, it is a rare figure that every Minifigure collector wants to enhance their collection. It was made as a promotional series to celebrate Star Wars.

It was made for the 30th anniversary of LEGO and Star Wars collaborating for the 14K gold C-3PO and other promotions. It is said to be made out of real gold making it even more valuable.

The figurine was made in 2007, and it was announced that it was given out with the LEGO Magazine, and they would keep the Minifigures at random in boxes with the latest LEGO Star War Collection at that time.

The estimated price of the solid 14K gold C-3PO is $26,100 as per Fantasy Topics, and the Minifigure number is SW0158B. The gold in the figure is only worth 2,700 USD if it is weighed; the rest is based on the value of the figurine.

It is more valuable as it is a well-known Star Wars character and only has limited pieces that it is not seen in the market many times. As soon as it is on the market, someone always buys it in a blink.

The C-3PO is completely gold with a rectangular body and is extremely similar to the character on Star Wars. It has the same shine as seen in the movies.

The cover of the Minifigure states that these are the droids you’re looking for and to find out how many you can win out of the five solid gold figurines.

5. Solid Platinum R2-D2

Another rare Minifigure in the list is Solid Platinium R2-D2 which only has five pieces.

It was made with a limited number of pieces for a contest in 2018. As it was not on sale and won by a contest it does not have a monetary value but has a high worth among the collectors.

The LEGO company organized the contest, and people had to sign up to win the exclusive R2-D2. People did not have to purchase anything to get the prize making it difficult for a person to get these.

The estimated worth of each of the five Platinum Minifigure is around $33,400 per Fantasy Topics which is said to be even more valuable in the future.

The R2-D2 is gorgeous looking with a solid color and is super-detailed with many lines and figures. The body is cylindrical with two legs, which are the same color as the rest.

Only 2 of the 5 pieces could be won by super lucky people who entered the contest and the rest of the three were not given out. It is an ultra-rare piece making it of high value to the collectors in the market.

The rest of the R2 was just given out in the wild at one point, and it is unknown where it ended up. However, since LEGO held the competition, we can be sure that it is with the people who truly appreciate them.

On December 22, 2017, the official LEGO Twitter account posted the competition of the platinum R2-D2 Minifigure and shared the link to the contest.

4. Wooden Sensei Wu

The fourth Minifigure on the list is the Wooden Sensei Wu from the Ninjago franchise.

The Sensei is extremely rare, with only four pieces of Minifigure made worldwide, which were used as the props for the Ninjago movie released in 2017. It is one of the rarest ones making it of high value to collectors.

It is the most expensive figurine ever to be made as it has an estimated value of $104,500, as per Fantasy Topics. It is one of the most sought-after Minifigures by collectors for its designs and uniqueness.

The Wooden Sensei Wu’s price is extremely high compared to other rare Minifigures. The Minifigure number is ROMO021, and it was released in late 2016 or early 2017.

One of the four Minifigures is owned by the Senior Creative Director of LEGO, and the rest are unknown. The other three have not been placed in the secondary market and are wanted by every collector for their collection to shine even more.

The Sensei is made with one piece of fine dark wood and is polished wax to give it a gleaming finished look so that the camera can see all the details.

The Minifigure has a round hat, and Sensei has a long beard. The Minifigure are made with intricate details with one piece of wood, making them even more exclusive.

People must have gone to great lengths to crave all the details of the Minifigure, from the hat to all the curls of the beard. All the attention to detail is highly premium.

It comes in a sealed box with a picture of a large dragon on it and a Wooden Sensi Wu stick in the box. The legend Jackie Chan is seen handling one of the figurines on screen.

Wu is an ancient mentor and the Master of Creation who is the first Spinjitzu master’s son. He also became a Dragon Master.

3. Boba Fett Trio

The third Minifigure on the list of the 15 rarest Minifigure that you can buy in 2023 is the Boba Fett Trio.

Only two Minifigure sets were made in 2010 which consist of one Plastic, one Gold, and one Silver Boba Fett. It is a combo set of three-pack.

It is one of the most wanted Star Wars-themed Minifigure sets ever by collectors. Every one of the Star Wars fan collectors has wanted to have the set in their collection.

The price of the set is valued to be around $36,600, according to Fantasy Topics, with the Minifigure number SW0275FULL.

The plastic Boba Fett is relatively common in comparison to the other two figures which are estimated to have a price of around $100 to $200. The solid silver Boba Fett is worth 8,400 USD, and the gold Boba Fett is around $19,900.

The set was given during the San Diego Comic-Con Festival in 2010. Two lucky people who attended the event got a framed LEGO Star Wars set, where the gold and silver Boba Fett were of high value.

Each of the figurines is identical to one another with the same mask, legs, and torso.

The Plastic Minifigure has a printed body with designs on the plastic printed on the toro. It is 4 grams and is less valuable than the other figures in the set.

The Silver Minifigure has engraved designs made out of solid silver and replicates the standard Boba Fett. It is made with one single piece, so it is not moveable.

The Gold Minifigure is of solid 14k gold, which is weighty and is around 57 grams. It also has an engraved design similar to the silver Boba Fett.

According to Fantasy Topics, the set is owned by two LEGO lovers, one living in Australia and the other in Scotland.

2. Solid Bronze C-3PO

Solid Bronze C-3PO has second place in the list with only a single Minifigure made worldwide.

It is a highly sought-after Minifigure with only a single piece known to exist. Only a single person has the Minifigure so, the collectors want to have it in their collection to make it one of a kind.

If you have the Solid Bronze C-3PO, you can be sure that no one else has what you have. The Minifigure is extremely valuable, and people have wanted to buy the figurine in the secondary market.

The estimated value of the figure is said to be around $32,400 with the Minifigure number SW0158B.

It was given to a single lucky attendee of the 2007 San Deigo Comic-Con. It is an exclusive Minifigure that was given to one person in 2007. If even you attended the comic-con, it was a very low chance that you could get the Minifigure.

The Bronze C-3PO has some details on the torso of the figure which is of a single bronze color, and even though it is not as flashy and shiny as the other C-3PO it is magnificent.

The design of the Minifigure is similar to that of other C-3POs.

The box of the figurine states that you are the master of one solid bronze C-3PO meaning that only one person had the Minifigure.

1. Solid Sterling Silver C-3PO

The first Minifigure on the list of the 15 Rarest Minifigure that you could buy in 2023 is the Solid Sterling Silver C-3PO.

Only a single piece of the Silver C-3PO has been made, and a single person has in the entire world. With only one Minifigure, the collectors find it exceptionally precious.

The collectors have been waiting for the figurine to enter the market so that they can get ahold of the C-3PO. It is made out of actual sterling silver.

The price of the single-piece figurine is estimated to be $34,500, and it is said to increase in the next few years. As per Rarest, it ranks fourth as the most expensive LEGO Minifigure of all time in the market.

The one-of-a-kind design was produced for a giveaway in 2007 at the Star Wars Celebration in Los Angeles California.

Similar to other C-3PO, the designs are similar to gold and bronze ones. The silver figurine has a premium look and high detailing in the torso.

The box of the Minifigure states that it is the only sterling silver C-3PO Minifigure that LEGO ever produced and is a Star Wars Celebration Exclusive.

The detail of who has the exclusive Minifigure is not known to the public, and it has dropped the face of the earth since it was released.