10 Most Beautiful African Actresses

The African movie industry is growing at an alarming rate, almost rivaling the American movie industry, Hollywood and the Indian Bollywood. Just like any other movie industry in the world, the African movie industry has been graced by actresses that, according to many, are outstandingly beautiful. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, there is no denying that when it comes to the African movie industry, there are actresses that truly stand out, thanks to their natural beauty. Here is a look at the 10 Most Beautiful African Actresses the Continent has Produced:

1. Elizabeth Michael (Lulu)

There is no denying that young Lulu meets all the qualities that define true and natural beauty. Sexy, beautiful and confident, this Tanzanian queen rarely use makeup neither does she fancy wigs or weaving, but still manages to make many heads turn around. It is also quite clear that she is talented and her star only seems to be rising.

2. Omotola Jalade

Omotola Jalade, born on February 7, 1978, is a leading Nigerian actress. Omosexy is what her die-hard fans call her. Besides acting, she is also a leading singer and a philanthropist who has featured in countless number of Nigerian movies. She is a mother of four though no one can easily tell. An ageless beauty that leaves many in awe, Omotola is also credited for her humanitarian efforts. Currently, she is one of the most watched actresses from the African continent.

3. Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne is a Ghanaian actress who is also well known for her God-given gift of beauty. Known for her remarkable performance, this queen of Ghallywood is one of the best actresses that Ghana has ever produced. Born of a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, she is a true reflection of African beauty.

4. Jackline Wolper

Another Tanzanian Swahili goddess, Jackline is another beauty queen that has graced African screens for quite long now. According to her, her beauty is as a result of eating right. Yes, she eats lots of green vegetables, fruits and she also drinks lots of water. She is one of the leading Tanzanian actresses and has featured in many movies so far.

5. Genevieve Nnaji

The African movie industry cannot be complete without mentioning Genevieve. Commonly referred to as the Julia Roberts of Africa, Nnaji knows how to move her audience with well-thought and sometimes seductive moves. At 38, she has somehow managed to hide her age behind her beautiful face and body. This Nigerian queen is a true reflection of what beauty and looking sexy is.

6. Jackline Appiah

Born in Canada but raised up in Ghana, Appiah is another of the very many beautiful faces that have graced African screens. Sexy and talented, this 29 year-old beauty queen has appeared in many movies, not only in Ghana but Nigeria as well.

7. Nadia Buari

Born thirty fiveyears ago, this is another Ghanaian actress that is simply hot. She is one of the many African actresses that never seem to cease attracting attention, thanks to her outstanding beauty. She has a flawless skin and, contrary to what many people believe, she does not bleach. Thanks to her sheer excellence, she seems to attract attention with every move she makes. She has starred in more than fifty movies and her star seems to be rising every single day.

8. Ini Edo

Well, what topic could be about the movie industry in Africa without the mention of this talented Nigerian actress? At 35, Edo doesn’t seem to stop being amazing, thanks to her natural beauty. She is arguably one of the hottest actresses the Nigerian movie industry has ever seen. She is one of the most loved divas of Nollywood and her sexiness does not have to be a subject of discussion.

9. Stephanie Okereke

Another Nigerian actress with an infectious personality, Okereke is simply beautiful and there is no denying it that she is one of the most beautiful African actresses. A beauty to behold, she has featured in a Nigerian beauty pageant where she was a runner-up.

10. Rita Dominic

Rita Dominic is another Nigerian beauty queen and actress that have graced Nollywood for many years. She is viewed by many as one of the most beautiful faces that have featured in the Nigerian movie industry. At 42, her heavenly skin is more famous than her soothing lips! She looks naturally beautiful and polished, perhaps the reason why her movies always have a wide following across the African continent. From her hair to her skin, there is something that makes this woman amazingly beautiful!