10 Female Indie Singers Rocking The Music World

Female Indie singers that are rocking the world include artists such as Phoebe Bridges and Beyonce Knowles. These are successful female independent artists at present.

Initially, artists like Beyonce signed with music record labels earlier in her career. Still, she decided to go independent after the unfair treatment of record labels was exposed in the media. 

Beyonce was initially part of a girl’s group, Destiny Child, and was signed with Elektra Records. However, the artist decided to go independent in 2011 after success in the R&B genre.

The top indie singers changing the music scene include Alt-J, Arcade fire, Imagine Dragons, Florence + the Machine, Two Door Cinema Club, and beabadoobee.

Here is the list of top female indie singers active at present:

  • Mitski
  • Phoebe Bridges
  • Ellie Roswell
  • Beabadoobee
  • Fazerdaze
  • Kimbra
  • Paris Paloma
  • King Princess
  • Bat for Lashes
  • Lucy Schwartz

1. Mitski

Mitski is a female indie rock singer who received an Oscar nomination for Best Original song in the academy award-winning movie Everything Everywhere All At Once

The artist’s songs are slow and rhythmic and have angelic vocals. She is a Japanese American artist who has already released six studio albums, three EPs, and sixteen singles. The artist’s best albums include Lush, Bury Me at Makeout Creek, Be the Cowboy, and Lauren Hell.

The singer’s best songs include Nobody,

  • A Pearl
  • Your Best American Girl
  • Happy
  • I want You
  • Stay Soft
  • This Is A Life (nominated as the best score for oscar)
  • Between the Breaths

She is a fascinating artist with incredible lyrical talent and vocal contralto that have gravitated fans of multiple genres. 

Name Mitski Miyawaki
Age 32 years old (September 27, 1990)
Birthplace Mie Prefecture, Japan
Spotify 10.5 million monthly listeners

2. Phoebe Bridges

Phoebe Bridge is a female indie-folk singer who has secured Grammy Award Nominations in four categories, including Best New Artist (2021).

Bridge is a talented artist known for her slow and graceful. The voice has attracted multiple music audiences who are lack knowledge of indie music. Before her solo career, she was a member of Sloppy Jane (an American Rock Music Band) member.

The artist has released two studio albums, twenty singles, and nine EPs. Her albums are Stranger in the Alps (2017) and Punisher (2020). Her best EPs include Copycat Killer, Inner Demons, and Day After Tomorrow.

That said, her best songs include musical pieces like;

  • Savior Complex
  • Kyoto
  • Chinese Satellite,
  • Scott Street
  • I Know the End
  • Motion Sickness

The artist is heralded as one of the successful indie-folk singers. She also plays multiple music genres, including indie rock, indie pop, and alternative R&B. 

Name Phoebe Lucille Bridgers
Age 28-years-old (August 17, 1994)
Birthplace Pasadena, California
Spotify 8.8 million monthly listeners.

3. Ellie Rowsell

Ellie Rowsell is a female indie rock singer. Rowsell is the lead singer of the band Wolf Alice. The artist is known for her unique highest vocal pitch in the music (Soprano).

Wolf Alice is a rock band that dabbles in multiple genres, including alternative rock, indie rock, grunge, folk, and shoegaze. Rowsell and her band’s best-performing albums include Blue Weekend, Blue Lullaby, and Creature Songs.

Rowsell’s most streamed songs with the band include Don’t Delete The Kisses, Bros, White Leather, Smile, No Hard Feelings, and many more. Ellie and her band have achieved multiple awards and accolades, which are as follows;

  • Best British Group (2021 Brit Awards)
  • Best New Artist/Band (Itunes store 2015)
  • Album of the Year, Visions of a Life (Mercury Prize, 2018)
  • Best Live Band, Best Track (NME award 2016)
  • Best Breakthrough Artist (UK Festival Awards 2014)
Name Ellie Roswell
Age 30 years old (19 July 1992)
Birthplace Archway, London
Spotify 2.2 monthly listeners

4. Beabadoobee

Beabadoobee is a female indie singer mainly focusing on the genre of indie rock, pop, and alternative rock. The artist was nominated for the 2020 Brit Awards.

She is a Filipino-British singer-songwriter. The artists have released two albums and four EPs. Her albums are “Beatopia (2022)” and “Fake It Flowers (2020).” The singer’s EPs include Loveworm, Patched Up, Space Cadet, Lice, and Our Extended Play. 

The Filipino-British singer is a rising artist who has become a rage in the indie pop genre. Her best-performing songs are as follows; 

  • Glue Song
  • Death Bed
  • The Perfect Pair
  • Tired 
  • Coffee
  • Cyberkiss

Her second album Beatopia performed quite well in comparison to her second album. The artist accomplished peak positions in the UK, UK Indie, Australian, and US Indie charts during the release of her album.

Name Beatrice Kristi llejay Laus
Age 22 years old (3rd June 2000)
Birthplace Iloilo City, Philippines
Spotify 17.2 million monthly listeners

5. Fazerdaze

Fazerdaze is a female indie singer whose music genres include dream pop, indie rock, indie pop, and shoegaze. She is a multi-instrumentalist artist from the US.

The New Zealand-born artist created a dream pop sound by using electric guitars and effect pedals; her music sounds like artists like Perfume genius, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, and Tame Impala. 

Fazer has released her album “Morningside (2017).” The album’s songs are Take It Slow, Little Uneasy, Friends, Half-Figured, Jennifer, Lucky Girl, and Bedroom Talks. The artist’s EPs include “Fazerdaze,” “Break,” and “No way to Treat an Animal.”

The artist draws inspiration from the works of great bands like Nirvana and Blur. She mixes the elements of dance-pop to give something new to her audience. 


Name Amelia Rahayu Murray
Age 30 years old (January 19, 1993)
Birthplace Wellington, New Zealand
Spotify 309k monthly listeners

6. Kimbra

Kimbra is a female indie singer whose genres are indie rock and art pop. The singer catapulted to fame by releasing the song “Somebody that I Used to Know” with Gotye. 

In the short span of her career, the artist has already achieved significant accolades. The singer’s albums include A Reckoning, Vows, The Golden Echo, and Primal Heart. Her best-performing album is Vows which earned ARIA and RMNZ platinum certifications. 

Kimbra has branched from singing to acting, songwriting, and record producing. She has credit for songwriting in John Legend’s song “Made to Love.” The artist’s best songs are as follows;

  • Somebody that I Used to Know
  • I Look to You
  • Foolish Thinking
  • Settle Down
  • Save Me

Additionally, the artist is two Grammy awards and seven New Zealand Music awards. 

Name Kimbra Lee Johnson
Age 32 years old (27 March 1990)
Birthplace Hamilton, New Zealand
Spotify 9.32 million monthly listeners

7. Paris Paloma

Paris Paloma is a female indie pop singer from London. She is gaining popularity for her song “Labour,” which is gaining fame in Tiktok. 

Paloma is an influential artist who draws female life happenings of fury, grief, love, sorrow, death, and power. She is a poetic artist inspired by mythology, art history, and romantic stories.

The artist is yet to release an album, but the singer has released an EP titled “Cemeteries and Socials.” The songs of the EPs are It’s called: Freefall, The Fruits, Notre Dame, The Last Beautiful things I saw, Tell It to My Heart and many more. 

The 22-year-old British singer is a rising artist who has grasped people’s attention with her rhythmic and catchy songs like fruits and labor. People are expecting great things from the artist; she also seems to be gaining social media and youtube following as well. 

8. Bat for Lashes

Bat for Lashes is a female indie pop artist from London. The singer plays with multiple genres like Indie pop, dream pop, baroque pop, and synth-pop. 

The singer is also a member of a band called “Sexwitch.” She is the band’s vocalist. She has a diversified talent, including songwriting, producing, and playing multiple musical instruments. The artist was nominated for British Female solo artist in 2008 at Brit Awards. 

Bat for Lashes, aka Natasha, has released five studio albums, three EPs, and thirteen singles. Her albums are Fur and Gold, Two Suns, The Haunted Man, The Bride, and Lost Girls. The artist’s best-performing songs were All Your Gold, Laura, Daniel, Pearl’s Dream, Sleep Along, and Joe’s Dream

Name Natasha Khan
Age 43 years old (25 October, 1979)
Birthplace London England
Spotify 475k monthly listeners

9. Lucy Schwartz

Lucy Schwartz is a female Indie Pop singer. The artist is popular for performing her original songs for film and TV. 

Schwartz’s songs have been featured in movies like The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 1, Nashville, Shrek Forever After, What Maisie Knew, and Parenthood. The artist has released three albums: Life In Letters, Timekeeper, and Winter In June.

She has also released two EPs, including “Keep Me” and “Help Me! Help Me!.” The singer’s songs are quite mellow and use low contralto with the music of guitar and piano. Her music is peaceful and soothing thus her unique style gravitates music lovers. 

The best songs of the artist are as follows;

  • Cold
  • Darling 
  • Mmbop
  • Count On Me
  • La Luna
  • When We Were Young
Name Lucy Nicole Schwartz
Age 33 years old (December 7, 1989)
Birthplace Los Angeles, California
Spotify 228.6k monthly listeners

10. King Princess

King Princess is a female indie singer, songwriter, and musician from New York. The artist rose to fame through her debut single “1950” from her EP “Make My Bed.”

The Irish-Italian singer has released two albums.Hold On Baby (2022),” and “Cheap Queen (2019).” Her road to fame began with her 2018 EP “Make My Bed.” The artist’s best songs include For My friends, 1950, Talia, Ain’t Together, Upper West Side,  Cheap Queen, and many more. 

The singer’s best-performing song is “1950,” to date, which achieved platinum certification from RIAA. Also, her song “Talia” achieve gold certification in ARIA. In October 2022, the artist went on the Hold On Baby tour. The artist is performing in Australia at present. 

She is a talented young artist who is talented in terms of lyrical composition and experimenting with music thus, she is likely to achieve new milestones in her career.

Name Mikaela Mullaney Straus
Age 24 years old (December 19, 1998)
Birthplace Brooklyn, New York City
Spotify 2.8 monthly listeners