10 Beach Wear Ideas in Nigeria

Visits to the beach mean just one thing: Fun! Whether you’re the type of person who would want to play around in the water or the other type who would love to take a stroll by the beach or take great Instagram worthy photos, a beach outfit is something worth giving thoughts too.

The right beach outfit is anything that would make you feel the following ways:

Comfortable. This is because the beach can be hot if you are not properly dressed, check out this resort wear for women which has all that you may need.

Confident: You do not want to be by the beachside looking drab

Classy: This is so you can be prepared for pictures for memories’ sake yet not look overdressed.

10 Beach Wear Ideas in Nigeria

There are a number of clothing items that you should have handy when you are planning a visit to the beach. This includes a pair of sunglasses, a swimsuit (in case you want to take a dive with waves), sunscreen, and a beach hat (for the sun) in a waterproof bag.

One thing you must never do is take an ill-fitting swimsuit to the beach. If your swimsuit is not a perfect fit, this will make you look overstuffed and less confident which will, in turn, affect how your day turns out. However, swimsuits are not the only outfits you can wear to the beach.

We are aware choosing an appropriate beach outfit can be quite difficult. This article provides you with a list of fashion items and styles that will make you look fab on your next beach visit. Read on below:

·      A top or swimsuit and a Denim Skirt

You can throw on a light top and a short polished denim skirt. This look is casual yet simply chick. Especially if this beach visit doubles as a date, you cannot go wrong with this. You can also wear this if you are going to be at a restaurant after your beach visit.

·      Button-Down shirt and Shorts

Many will think a classic, formal button-down shirt will not pop up in a list of beach wears but here we are! A button-down shirt provides you with something light and breezy. You can also wear your button-down shirt to and fro the beach. This look is also great for other outdoor activities such as sightseeing. Consider tying your shirt up so as to show off your shorts or skirt. This will help you achieve a vintage-inspired look. You can also easily change in and out of them. This way you will look simple yet elegant.

  • Long Chiffon trousers and a top

This is also great for pictures. Pair this with your sunglasses and a hat and you will find yourself looking elegant.

  • Bikini and Boubou and sandals.

A boubou is a free, throw-on dress. You can wear your bikini under a translucent bikini. The Boubou serves as a cover-up for your body while also giving off a sexy look. This is a great fit for any body type. Wear this with a pair of sandals for a polish, casual look.

  • Wrap top and shorts

You can wrap around yourself a wrap top with a colorful short. This is an appropriate outfit for the beach mood: happy and free. This look is super appropriate for those with flat tummies and hot legs which they would love to show off better.

·      Kimono and Bikini Top with Trousers and easy to wear slides

A Kimono is lightweight and can serve as a great cover-up over for your bikini wears. A Kimono allows you to show off your other outfit yet fully covering you up. This is especially great to cover you from the mid-day sun at the beach. You can add loose trousers and easy to wear slides to complete your simple yet classy look.

·      Long Maxi Dress and a nice Bag

A maxi dress is a floor or ankle length informal dress. They are usually fitted at the top and loose flowing at the bottom, giving a flowy look over the body. The advantages of a maxi dress are that they are loose, breathable, and elaborate. You can add a nice bag to complete this fascinating look.

·      Crop Top and Sarongs

What is a sarong?

This is a large length of fabric that is usually wrapped around the waist. The fabric can be brightly colored or with a checkered pattern. Sarongs are best for the beach because they are lightweight and easily adjustable. You can pair this with a crop top to hit a sexy look.

·      High-Waist Trousers and a top

If your main goal is to take an enjoyable walk by the beachside and also perfect pictures, you should consider a high waist trouser and a top. With this look, you can add other accessories such as necklaces or earrings.

  • Sundress

A sundress is a casual loose-fitting lightweight dress. It is a must to have and a got to dress for beach hangouts and parties.

  • Playsuits

We all know jumpsuits. However, a playsuit is a shorter version of a jumpsuit.  A playsuit is a suitable outfit for a beach outing because it is free, easy to wear and breathable yet super chic.

  • Maxis skirts

Maxi skirts are loose and free flowy skirts. These are also great for pictures and strolls by the beachside. They are also breezy, comfortable and cute.

  • Joggers and Tanktop

Joggers are comfortable and also give an athletic look. You can also rock joggers and tank tops to other outdoor activities such as sightseeing.

  • Bikini top and see-through chiffon skirt

You can wear a bikini top with see-through chiffon skirt. This is perfect to show off your shape and also hide scars or stretch marks on the body if you wish to. You can add your sunglasses and hat here for a great picture.

  • Pretty little dress

You can wear a colorful short playful dress to the beach. Make the dress a little loose and not fitted. This will help pin your happy princess look.