Where are Magnolia Pearl clothing made?

Their clothes are made in India.

Who owns Magnolia Pearl clothing?

Magnolia Pearl is a twenty-year-plus creative art business and brainchild of Robin Brown. Robin, the Magnolia Pearl owner calls it her, “labour of love.” With great attention to detail, Magnolia Pearl clothing is of a limited run and in constant production.

When did Magnolia Pearl start?

Magnolia Pearl Style first took root in 2001 when Robin “Pearl” Brown opened her business with partner John Gray, selling clothing and accessories she made from vintage laces, velvets, silks, and embroidered linens, much of it from Robin’s collections. Here, beautiful outtakes from the April 2008 story.

What is the style of Magnolia Pearl clothing?

Magnolia Pearl Women’s Clothing recreates the pioneer spirit with its use of vintage inspired and custom made fabrics. Often referred to as Gypsy inspired or Boho Chic in style, the unique garments have been purposely distressed and patched to exude a time worn appearance.

What size does Magnolia Pearl fit?

one size fits
We are a one size fits all company. The majority of our designs are somewhat oversized to accommodate all sizes.