Does Melba trust link or not?

Link is the only white student who shows Melba any kindness, and he is the only white person she comes to trust during her time at Central High School. Though Link undermines the efforts of the violent segregationists, he is never able to openly defy them and declare his friendship with Melba.

How are Link’s feelings about Nana different from those of his father?

Despite the fact that Nana Healey no longer works for his family, Link still feels affectionate towards her. … He worries about Nana Healey’s health and tries to look in on her periodically. His affection for his former nanny contrasts with his father’s callous attitude.

Who is Mrs Healy?

</noinclude>Barbara Healy is the unstable, alcoholic, abusive biological mother of Mark, David, Lisa, and Nicki Healy. After separating from her ex-husband she moves to Minnesota.

What happened to Melba’s mom that caused great concern to the family?

Chap 26: What happened to Melba’s mom that caused great concern to the family? – Melba’s mom was threatened that the school board would not renew her job as a teacher. – They say they’ll give her back her job only if she withdraws Melba from Central HS immediately.

Why is Link responsible for Mrs Healy?

Link was taken care of by Nana Healey ever since he was a little baby, and now that she is sick with tuberculosis, he feels that the only thing to do is to take care of her. This is because Mrs. Healey is family by choice for Link.

Who is Nana Healey Warriors dont cry?

Link’s former nanny whom his family fired after she became ill with what Link suspects is tuberculosis. Link tells Melba that Ms. Healy worked for his family all her life.

How did the reporters in Mrs Bates meeting make Melba feel?

Melba is fascinated by how the reporters work and appreciates how they all speak to her respectfully. For the first time, she feels equal to white people.

Why does Melba’s mother not get her teaching contract renewed?

The Little Rock school district is not renewing mother Lois’ teaching contract due to Melba participating in Integration. The only way she can get her job back is by pulling Melba out of school. … Governor Faubus closes all of the schools in Arkansas due to integration.

What happens in chapter 9 in Warriors don’t cry?

A girl walks on Melba’s heels and when Melba turns around to look at her, the girl spits in her face. A group of boys then bumps straight into her and begins to kick her. When Melba asks why Danny does not do something, he makes it clear that he is not present to engage in any conflict with the students.

How did link first help Melba?

– Link possibly saved Melba life by letting her take his car to get away from Andy and his friends who were trying to eliminate her. – Melba didn’t want to take his car because people would think she stole Link’s car.

Why does Link call Melba all upset what does he complain about?

She trusted Link because he helped her get out of trouble. 2: Why does Link call Melba all upset? What does he complain about? She was sad about her friend’s suspensions and he complains about her being sad.

How old is Melba in the book?

A member of the Little Rock Nine, Melba is the sixteen-year-old main character and narrator of Warriors Don’t Cry. Her participation in the effort to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, is the subject of this memoir.

Why is Melba suspicious of link the white student who tries to help her?

Melba is furious with Link because she saw him laughing with the segregationists and talking about plans to attack her. He explains that they were planning on doing “something big” to her in the cafeteria. He was there among them to try to help her.

What does Mama finally do to keep her job literal How does this compare to people’s actions thinking today Interpretive?

What does Mama finally do to keep her job? (Literal) How does this compare to people’s actions/thinking today? She got the reporters to write about her story, then she went and talked to the administration about wanting her job back. You can’t deny someone their job with out a reasonable cause in todays time.

How does Danny treat Melba?

After President Eisenhower sent federal troops to the high school to enforce integration, Melba befriended Danny, a soldier in the 101st Airborne Division who was assigned to protect her. Danny protected her when another student tossed acid at her. … Danny’s protection and his encouragement kept Melba going.

Why does Link secretly help Melba elude her attackers?

Why do you think Link secretly helps Melba elude her attackers? He wanted to keep up his appearance, but wanted to support what was right undercover. He knew that helping others was the right thing to do and the hatefulness was not right.

What happens in chapter 17 of warriors don’t cry?

Melba finds a black doctor who goes to see Nana Healey and reports that she does not have much longer to live. Melba decides to tell Grandma India about Nana Healey. At first, Grandma India is angry with Melba for having lied, but promises to visit Nana Healey during her weekly trips to North Little Rock.

What happens in chapter 15 of warriors don’t cry?

When Melba arrives home, Grandma India is concerned about her having a white boy’s car. … Grandma India does not trust Link, suspecting that he could use Melba’s possession of his car to have her arrested. However, his rescue of her from his friend, Andy, results in a secret friendship between him and Melba.

What are the costs of Ernie’s diploma for the taxpayers as well as the students?

The newspapers report that Ernest’s diploma cost half a million dollars in tax funds, but Melba knows that it cost the Little Rock Nine their “innocence and a precious year of [their] teenage lives.”

What change does Melba notice at school?

When Melba is twelve years old, the Supreme Court rules that separate schools for whites are illegal, a ruling called Brown v. the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. In the year after the ruling, Melba sees very little change in segregation.

Where did link take Melba over Easter break?

Link takes Melba to his Nanny’s house in the run-down part of town where the poor blacks lived. Melba feels fortunate that her mother has a good paying teaching job or they’d be living there. Link is at Nanna Healey’s to drop off food. Nanna Healey has been with Links family since before his parents were married.

What is Grandma India’s response to Melba’s misery?

Grandma India fortifies Melba with faith and stubbornness, and it is Grandma India who tells Melba that God’s warriors don’t cry. This is the first introduction that Melba has to the idea that in order to successfully integrate into the school, she will need to become more than a regular teenager.

What happens in Chapter 11 in Warriors don’t cry?

An announcement in the newspaper reads that half of the 101st will return to their base in Kentucky. Melba realizes that she can only depend on herself for protection and adopts the attitude of a warrior. She keeps her muscles “steely” in response to abuse and strains her mind to focus.