What does JustAnswer cost?

How much does JustAnswer cost? This is a subscription-based service that costs $74 per month for unlimited access to expert answers. Premium services, such as document preparation, phone consults, or virtual technical repairs, all come with additional fees.

Is JustAnswer legit to work for?

JustAnswer verifies that all of their experts are indeed experts through a third party service. To prove that you know your stuff, JustAnswer uses an 8-step verification process to vet and verify all applicants.

How much can you make on JustAnswer?

Earn an average of $2,000-$7,000 a month. Earn money when you answer questions in your field of expertise online. Set your own hours and work anytime, anywhere. Leverage your professional expertise to answer people’s questions and earn cash.

Is JustAnswer vet legit?

We think JustAnswer is an excellent solution for your online vet needs. From all the customer feedback we’ve seen online (and there’s a lot), their experts are knowledgeable and quick to respond with solid advice. … And it’s a great solution if you need expert advice when your vet’s office is closed.

Does Brainly pay for answers?

As per my knowledge it doesn’t give you money , it”s just like a trade , you answer you get points , with those points you can ask your doubts .

What is JustAnswer expert?

JustAnswer is an online question-and-answer service that connects users with experts in various subjects. Once you’re connected with an expert, you can ask a question and receive a typed response. For an additional fee, you can speak with an expert on the phone.

Is LegalShield a legit company?

LegalShield is an online legal service that provides affordable legal coverage for small businesses and individuals. Instead of paying the steep hourly rates typically charged by law firms, customers can pay a fixed monthly rate for legal representation and advice on a range of issues.

How do I cancel Askvet subscription?

You may cancel and delete your Account at any time by either using the features on the Services to do so (if applicable and available) or by written notice to info@ask.vet. After cancellation, you will no longer have access to your Account, your profile or any other information through the Services.

Is Ask a Vet free?

Talk to a vet or pet expert

Get connected to a veterinarian online within two minutes. Ask a vet anything for free.

Does LegalShield represent you in court?

Will LegalShield represent you in court? The short answer is yes. All LegalShield memberships include benefits that allow your lawyer to represent you in court at a substantial savings over hiring a lawyer directly. Most plans include trial defense representation for covered civil suits at no additional cost.

Is LegalShield a pyramid scheme?

This is a pyramid scheme. Many may object to that classification, but that’s exactly what multi-level marketing is. You do the work of getting ppl to sign up for a monthly service, and the vast majority of the commission goes to others higher up the chain than you.

What kind of company is LegalShield?

LegalShield (previously known as Pre-Paid Legal Services or simply Pre-Paid Legal) is an American corporation that sells legal service products direct to consumer through employer groups and through multi-level marketing in the United States, and Canada.

How do I cancel my LegalShield?

You can cancel your membership in one of three ways:
  1. QUICKEST: Contact customer support at 1-844-714-8494.
  2. Send a written letter to One Pre-Paid Way Ada , OK 74820.
  3. Send an email to our customer support team.

How much is LegalShield a month?

LegalShield offers unlimited legal advice and 24/7 emergency assistance starting at $15.95 per month for a family, including a primary account holder, spouse or partner, and dependents and $39 per month for a small business.

How does LegalShield make money?

LegalShield Associates can make money in four primary ways: Personal Sales – Associates earn a percentage on every membership they sell. … You can earn higher commissions as you sell more and move up in the marketing plan. Sales by Associates on Your Team – Associates can also sponsor other Associates.

Is Legal Shield a contract?

With LegalShield, you get access to lawyer drafted service contract templates, unlimited legal consultation and your lawyer can review any documents (up to 15 pages each). … Using a service agreement that is written and reviewed by a small business lawyer helps to prevent many common customer problems.

What is the email address to cancel LegalShield?

When you decide to cancel your membership, be prepared to provide the LegalShield representative with the following information:
  1. Name.
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Address.
  4. Account number.
  5. The last four digits of your driver’s license.

What is LegalShield phone number?

1 (800) 654-7757
LegalShield/Customer service