What is a service sink used for in a restaurant?

They can be found in restaurants, hotels, and other establishments that require consistent cleaning and mopping. Commercial mop sinks typically are mounted on the floor and can be used to obtain water for cleaning and sanitizing.

Are service sinks required by code?

For business and mercantile occupancies with an occupant load of 15 or fewer, service sinks shall not be required.

Can you wash your hands in a utility sink?

Hands must be washed at designated hand washing stations that are stocked with approved hand washing soap and paper towels. … For instance, a utility sink will not have paper towels or hand soap nearby and can actually be a source of contamination from dirty mop water.

How do you use a mop sink?

Is a mop sink a service sink?

Service sinks shall be a wall mounted or floor mounted mop sink with a minimum 3-inch (76 mm) outlet. Laundry trays and laundry sinks are prohibited for use as a service sink.

Does a mop sink have to be on the floor?

Mop sink/janitorial areas are required to have acceptable flooring (refer to the flooring guidelines). The walls around the mop sink must be of an impervious material: either Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) or tile to eight feet or ceiling height and a reasonable splash distance to the sides.

What is janitor sink?

Janitorial Sinks for heavy duty cleaning purposes and ideal for cleaning mops and other cleaning equipment. Constructed from high grade stainless steel for high durability against corrosion.

How do you fill a bucket in a sink with a mop?

How do you install a concrete mop sink?


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What is a mop sink called?

When talking about janitorial equipment, an IMC mop sink (also called a floor sink) is an essential item for any commercial facility. … Usually floor mounted, an IMC mop sink gives staff a convenient place to fill & empty mop buckets, clean mops and other supplies, and acquire water for other tasks.

What is a compartment sink?

Compartment sinks, sometimes referred to as pot and dish sinks or sanitizing sinks, are used to clean and sanitize heavy duty pots, pans and utensils by hand. These commercial sinks are available in one compartment, two compartments, three compartments, or four compartments.

What is a slop sink?

Definition of slop sink

: a sink (as in a hospital) in which chamber pots and bedpans are emptied and washed and scrub water is thrown out.

Why is it called a slop sink?

The definition of a slop sink is a sink specifically designed for messy and dirty tasks. An example of a slop sink is a sink installed in a barn for washing off muddy, dirty boots or tools. A deep sink for filling and emptying scrub pails, washing out mops, etc.

How big should a mop sink be?

What are mop sinks made of?

Material: Mop sinks come in a variety of materials. The most popular options are stainless steel and terrazzo. Do your research about the lifespan of these different materials and which may work better in your situation.

What are the different types of kitchen sinks?

There are three main types of kitchen sinks: drop-in sinks, undermount sinks and farmhouse sinks. These types describe how the sink is mounted and installed. We’ll cover these mounting styles below, as well as other less common styles and configurations.

Is a lavatory a sink?

Summary: During the past, the term “lavatory” was used to refer to wash basins while the term “sink” was used to refer to a shallow waste pit. As of today, the term “lavatory” refers to facilities that allow us to excrete our urine and waste such as the toilet. And the term “sink” is used to refer to wash basins.

What is a laundry tray?

Definition of laundry tray

: a fixed tub (as of slate, earthenware, soapstone, enameled iron, or porcelain) with running water and drainpipe for washing clothes and other household linens. — called also set tub.

Which type of sink is best?

Stainless steel is the most popular material for modern kitchen sinks, providing a sleek, contemporary look, especially when paired with granite, stone, or wood countertops. Undermount models lend a more elegant look than drop-in sinks. For a tough, sturdy sink, aim for 16 to 18 gauge (the measure of thickness) steel.

What is the most popular type of kitchen sink?

Double Basin/Bowl Sink

The most popular type of kitchen sink arrangement, dual basins allow for washing on one side and rinsing or drying on the other side.