What does the abbreviation Messrs stand for?

Messrs is an abbreviation for the French word messieurs which is defined as men. An example of Messrs is the space on a formal invitation for the names of any men attending.

How do you use Messrs?

You use Messrs. before the names of two or more men as the plural of Mr. I cannot allow the remarks made by Messrs. Fortt and Wyre to remain unchallenged.

What does it mean by Messers?

Someone who messes; agent noun of mess. noun.

What is female version of Messrs?

English translation: Mmes / Mses / Misses
English term or phrase: The female form of Messrs.
Selected answer: Mmes / Mses / Misses
Entered by: Charles Davis
Apr 12, 2013

What does Messrs mean in business?

1. title noun. Messrs is used before the names of two or more men as part of the name of a business.

Can Messrs be used for companies?

We only use the abbreviation – Messrs (pronounced messers). Messrs is just the plural for Mr. It occassionally gets used in company names and so on, or if you are referring to several men by name in a formal way.

Is Messrs still used?

Messrs is often used by (British Commonwealth) lawyers and proprietors of older establishements, as in “Messrs Jones and Hawthorne”. It’s still very common in some parts of the world.

How do you say multiple MR?

The plural of Mr. is Messrs., from the plural of Monsieur which is Messieurs, and the plural of Mrs. is Mmes., from the plural of Madame which is Mesdames.

How do you pronounce Messrs?