Is upshot formal or informal?

noun result, consequence, outcome, end, issue, event, conclusion, sequel, finale, culmination, end result, payoff (informal) So the upshot is we’re going for lunch on Friday.

What does the phrase The upshot mean?

the final result
Definition of upshot

: the final result : outcome.

How do you use upshot?

1) The upshot of it all was that he resigned. 2) The upshot is that we have lots of good but not very happy employees. 3) The upshot of the discussions is that there will be no redundancies. 4) The upshot of it all was that he left college and got a job.

Where does the term upshot come from?

Upshot, which currently refers to outcome, result or conclusion, was originally an archery term, meaning the final shot in a match. This use of up to mean the end or conclusion is found in such phrases as The time is up (run out, ended).