How did Allen Bridge die?

Active in boating and scuba diving, Bridge was diving in August 1995, when he was killed by a hit-and-run jet skier.

What happened to Allen from the Apology Line?

Allan Bridge was also a diver, as was his wife Marissa. He preferred diving in cold northern waters. On August 5th, 1995 while diving in the heavily trafficked Shinnecock Inlet on Long Island, Bridge was struck and killed by a jet skier.

Is there still an Apology Line?

You can reach the Apology Line at +1 (212) 633 8323, +1 (212) 255 7714, or +1 (212) 255 2748. There is no charge beyond normal phone rates.

How long did the Apology Line last?

The result was a project far more engrossing, and enduring, than the modest “experiment” Bridge originally conceived. He kept the Apology Line going for 15 years, compiling a vast archive of tapes, featuring both callers’ messages and his own replies and commentary.

Did they ever catch Richie from Apology Line?

The detective revealed something to her – police did find Richie, and they interviewed him. And they deduced he was a fantasist. Despite all his claims, he had never killed anyone. Allan was told this, but never told his wife.

Is the apology line based on a true story?

True story of Allan Bridge, founder ‘The Apology Line’

Who narrates the apology line?

Marissa Bridge
A new podcast, “The Apology Line,” captures listeners’ attention in an intriguing but haunting way as the story of Allan Bridge and his alluring creation is revealed, more than two decades after his death, by Marissa Bridge, his widow, who narrates.

Is the apology line a good podcast?

It makes it hard to keep track of the story at times but the overall plot does a great job supplementing this error. Overall, as a podcast, “The Apology Line” is a really interesting and gripping story. From episode one to six, each episode brings you more into the mind of Alan, or as he’s better known, Mr. Apology.

How many episodes is the apology line?

six episode
Apology better than anyone, hosts this six episode series.

What is the apology line podcast?

The podcast series “The Apology Line,” from Wondery, centers on the story of Bridge’s experiment, drawing on the fascinating mother lode of audio that it yielded. Many of the apologies sound like what we might expect from New Yorkers of the Mayor Koch era.

What day does the apology line come out?

January 19th
Introducing: The Apology Line

The Apology Line Premieres on January 19th, or you can listen right now Ad-free by joining Wondery Plus in the Wondery App.