Can you bring an iMac on a plane?

It won’t fit in overhead luggage, you are balking at using a $700 travel bag, check with UPS and get a quote on shipping to the island you are going to. Either that or use the original box and check it in as luggage when you travel. Carrying it on an airplane simply is not going to work.

How do I pack an iMac for travel?

Can I take my 21.5 iMac on the plane?

If you are going to try this just be careful when handling the box as it will slide out if it is tilted at an angle. So it is possible to travel with the IMac 21′ as hand luggage.

How do I transport my iMac in my car?

Gently stand your iMac up on your car’s passenger or back seat. Fasten a safety belt around it so that it doesn’t fall. If you use a safety belt that is designed for use with a child seat, you can pull it out all the way, then retract it so that it locks in place. Your iMac should be safe for transport.

Where should I put my iMac?

Your iMac must be mounted at the proper height on the wall. It’s not good ergonomic practice to sit more than two feet away from your iMac screen, and the screen should be placed at (or slightly below) eye level.

How can I carry my iMac without the box?

Put a pillowcase (or even a trash bag) over the iMac to prevent scratching the screen and casing. Put a piece of stiff cardboard over the screen area afterwards, then wrap that in a blanket, and put that in a box or, if it fits, suitcase. When you arrive there, take out the imac in the pillowcase/bag and bring that in.

Should I save my iMac box?

Not just an iMac box — it’s a good policy to retain the original packing materials for any consumer electronics product you buy, at least for as long as the warranty runs — indefinitely, if you’ve got the storage space.

Can I bring a desktop computer on a plane?

The TSA doesn’t have a problem with your PC. So in terms of security screening, there is nothing to stop you from packing a desktop computer case in either carry-on baggage or checked baggage.

How much does it cost to ship an iMac?

If you sell your iMac on eBay, the going price for shipping (as of Feb, 2015) is $50. If you have a UPS account, you can ship via UPS Ground for about 25 percent of the UPS Store charge.

How do I pack and ship an iMac?

How do I ship a 21.5 iMac?

Shipping it through USPS. Get bubble wrap and make a cocoon out of it around the screen. Then put it in a box and wrap the rest of it with as much bubble wrap as possible. Then write on the box, do not lay on side, and this way up.

How do I remove the stand from my iMac?

Place the iMac screen-down on a soft surface and lift the stand so the screen rotates down. When the screen is rotated down, the latch inside the stand will be exposed and easier to access. Release the latch inside the stand.

How do I get an iMac box?

Another avenue is to contact Apple’s Recycling Center ( and see if they can provide a complete box and packing material. Anotherrecommendation would be to visit your local UPS Store or any other professional shipping place and ask them to put together a shipping box for your iMac.

What comes in the Apple iMac box?

To use your iMac, you need the accessories included in the box—the keyboard, mouse, and power adapter (for the 24-inch iMac only).

Can you ship an iMac in its original box?

It’s fine to ship it in the original box. If you‘re worried you can always wrap the box with cardboard/brown paper bags. You do need to make sure you get insurance and signature confirmation though.