What is the correct spelling of react?

1 : to act or behave in response to something Firefighters reacted quickly to the situation. Hint: In this sense, react is usually used with against. Workers reacted against unfair treatment. 3 : to go through a chemical reaction Acids react with bases to form salt.

What does reacted mean?

1. to act in response to an agent, influence, stimulus, etc.: to react to a medicine; reacted to the noise by jumping. 2. to act reciprocally upon each other, as two things. 3. to act in a reverse direction or manner, esp. so as to return to a prior condition. 4. to act in opposition, as against some force.

What type of verb is react?

1[intransitive] react (to something) (by doing something) to change or behave in a particular way as a result of or in response to something Local residents reacted angrily to the news. I nudged her but she didn’t react. You never know how he is going to react.