How do you pronounce Robles?

Why is Paso Robles pronounced?

Turns out, the full name El Paso de Robles was taken from a Mexican land grant handed down in the mid 1800s and literally translates as the Pass of the Oaks. Make a quick call to The Paso Robles City Hall and you will hear the city’s name pronounced with the anglicized accent on the outgoing message.

Do people call Paso Robles Paso?

The city’s full name is “El Paso de Robles“, which in Spanish means “The Pass of the Oaks”. People differ on the pronunciation of the city’s shortened name of “Paso Robles“. While its Spanish pronunciation is PASS-oh ROH-blays, many residents Anglicize the pronunciation as PASS-oh ROH-buulz.

Does Paso Robles mean?

Paso Robles – Wikitravel. Paso Robles, meaning “Oak Pass” or “Pass of the Oaks,” is a historical resort town, known for its hot springs, located on the California’s Central Coast about 30 miles north of San Luis Obispo.