How do I permanently delete my Keepsafe account?

  1. Go to the “Subscriptions” page in Google Play (either from your Android device or from the web, by accessing ).
  2. Log into your correct Google Play account and cancel by going to: Account > Subscriptions > Keepsafe > Manage > Cancel > Confirm.

What happens when you delete Keepsafe?

With your Keepsafe account you have the option to back up your items in your own Keepsafe Private Cloud. Items that you delete will be stored in a separate album, called trash that is also backed up in the private cloud and counts against the quota.

Can you log out of Keepsafe?

Keepsafe does not actually have a “log out” option. In order to log out of your Keepsafe account, you must uninstall your Keepsafe app.

How do I delete private cloud on Keepsafe?

To remove your existing Keepsafe data, please go to the Cloud icon in the top right and disable the Private Cloud. You will be prompted to allow your device to download the content back to your device.

How do I stop Keepsafe from syncing?

  1. Open your Keepsafe.
  2. Go to Settings (top RIGHT corner of the screen)
  3. Choose the Private Cloud Button.
  4. Toggle the Enable Backup on/off.

Is Keepsafe private cloud safe?

Keepsafe provides a protected space on your iPhone, Android, or tablet to keep important things safe like private photos, videos and files. Keepsafe uses military grade encryption. To ensure privacy, Keepsafe has no system IT admins or employees that can access or view your content.

How do I permanently delete photos from Keepsafe?

It is quite easy to empty your trash folder.
  1. Open your Keepsafe app.
  2. Find the Trash icon.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. The items will be permanently deleted.

Can Keepsafe see your photos?

Protecting your privacy is the whole point of Keepsafe. Unless you ask us to, we don’t look at your photos, videos, or anything else on your device. We have systems in place so that our employees can only ever access your content with explicit consent from you.

How can I open my Keepsafe without password?

Open Keepsafe on your device, and when you see the PIN screen, just press “forgot PIN‘ at the top of the screen. We’ll send an access code to your verified email account. When you get the code, enter it into Keepsafe, and set up a new PIN.

Who owns Keepsafe?

Zouhair Belkoura – Founder, CEO – Keepsafe Software | LinkedIn.

Is Keepsafe free?

If you’re already enjoying the free version of Keepsafe, you might be looking for some of the added tools included with a Keepsafe subscription. Known as Keepsafe Premium, the Keepsafe subscription service is great for those of you looking for added storage and additional features to hide photos.

Is Keepsafe APP Chinese?

Keepsafe Softwares is an America-based tech company that has created the photo vault app. The tech company is headquartered in the city of California in the United States of America.