Can I change feedback I left for someone on eBay?

Can I change Feedback I left for someone else? In most cases you can‘t change Feedback once you’ve left it. However, if you’ve left negative or neutral Feedback for a seller and want to change it to positive Feedback, the seller may be able to send you a Feedback revision request.

How do I remove negative feedback on eBay?

You can send a request to a seller to remove their negative feedback from your account’s feedback profile. Simply select the relevant piece of feedback and add a note about why you are sending the request. Then, click send. This request will be valid for ten days.

How can I delete feedback on eBay?

You cannot remove feedback once given. You can ask the seller to send you a feedback revision request within 30 days of when you left the feedback. This will allow you to revise the feedback for 7 days from when you receive the request.

How do I ask for a feedback revision on eBay?

Feedback Revision requests can be made by clicking the “Go to Feedback Forum” link on the “My eBay” page. Then select the “Request Feedback Revision” link in the right rail, choose the item in question and leave the revision details.

What is a feedback revision?

As described by eBay, feedback revision is when a buyer can change their review or rating of a seller, provided that a request to do so has been sent to them. eBay allows buyers to change their rating because sellers can often resolve difficult situations with excellent customer service.

Can you leave negative feedback after refund?

Buyers can leave negative feedback up to 60 days after the transaction for almost any reason. Depending on what their actual feedback stated, you can call eBay and see if it can be removed, as there are limited instances where it can; but most of the time eBay will let it stand.

How many times can you revise feedback on eBay?

Send a feedback revision request to your buyer

You can only request a revision for feedback that is less than 30 days old. You can make 5 feedback revision requests per calendar year. For every 1,000 feedback ratings you receive during the year, you can make 5 additional feedback revision requests.

How many negative feedback are you allowed on eBay?

A newly released eBay Feedback Revision process allows sellers to send a request to buyers who have left negative or neutral feedback. You‘re limited to 5 requests per 1,000 feedback received.

Why can’t I leave negative feedback on eBay for a buyer?

Sellers aren’t able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. That means sellers need other tools that will protect them against unfair treatment from buyers and bring those buyers to eBay’s attention. You can block buyers with too many policy violations, unpaid items, or who aren’t registered with PayPal.

What is a bad feedback score on eBay?

The few tenths of a percent between 99.9% and 99.6% say everything about a seller, and the items you are likely to receive. A good feedback rating is 99.8% or above. A rating of 99.5% or below is horrible!

Does eBay ever remove or change feedback?

Once you’ve left feedback, you won’t be able to edit or delete it. If you’d like to add extra information to your original feedback, you can leave a follow-up comment. If you’d like to change the negative or neutral feedback you’ve left, you can ask the seller for a feedback revision.

Can I change feedback left for a buyer?

Buyers: Can I Change eBay Feedback I’ve Left? Yes, but only if the seller asks you to. Otherwise, you’ll see a message saying “None of your Feedback is eligible for revision.” You can also only revise feedback to be better—you can‘t change positive or neutral to negative.