Who is the youngest member of Diversity?

The youngest member of Diversity is currently Perri Kiely, 22, who was just 14 when the group first appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.

Who died in Diversity?

Robert Anker
In 2009, the dance group Diversity won BGT. Tragically, one of the group’s members, Robert Anker, died in a car crash in 2017. He was only 27 years old at the time. Following his death, both Diversity and BGT paid tribute to Rob.

How much is Ashley from Diversity worth?

Ashley Banjo Net Worth: Ashley Banjo is an English actor, dancer, and choreographer who has a net worth of $1 million. Born in Leytonstone, London, England, in 1988, Ashley Banjo was studying at Queen Mary, University of London, when his dance troupe, Diversity, won the TV competition “Britain’s Got Talent”.

Is Jordan in Diversity?

2007–present: Diversity

Jordan is currently a member of the dance troupe Diversity, who were formed in 2007 and won the third series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

Who is the best dancer in Diversity?

Jordan Banjo
Jordan Banjo is a member of one of the world’s most famous dance troupes; Diversity.

What is Ashley Banjo’s daughter called?

Banjo has been in a thirteen-year relationship with Francesca Abbott, who is a member of another dance troupe called Out of the Shadows. They announced their engagement on 2 October 2014. Ashley and Francesa have two children, Rose born 2019 and Micah born 2020.

Where does Jordan from diversity live?

The 31 year old lives in London with his fiancee Naomi Courts and their two young children, Cassius, 2, and baby Mayowa known as Mimi.

Has Jordan Banjo got new teeth?

Katie AKA Jordan is no stranger to surgery, and first had veneers fitted 15 years ago (after falling off her brother’s skateboard, no less)…but the star underwent dental surgery again to have her veneers replaced with this almost-blinding set, and said at the time “[my teeth] are so sensitive now.

Is Jordan Banjo in diversity?

Jordan Banjo is best known for being a member of dance troupe Diversity. The group won Britain’s Got Talent in 2009, beating Susan Boyle to the top spot in the live final.

How old is Jordan banjos girlfriend?

Jordan Banjo’s girlfriend Naomi Courts has hit back at a ‘disrespectful’ troll who contacted her to say that they should get their son Cassius checked for autism. The 27-year-old, who is currently expecting their second child, posted the message she had been sent by an anonymous follower on her Instagram story.

Who is older Ashley or Jordan Banjo?

Jordan and Ashley are brothers – with Jordan being four years Ashley’s junior. They both grew up in Wickford, Essex, with their Nigerian boxer dad Funso and ballet dancer mum Danielle as well as sister Talia.

How old is Jordan Banjo?

28 years (December 31, 1992)
Jordan Banjo/Age

How long have Jordan and Naomi been together?

The Essex-based pair first met in 2013 at Sugar Hut, the Brentwood nightclub that has become a favourite Towie haunt. However, they didn’t start dating until two years later.

What age is Perri?

25 years (December 15, 1995)
Perri Kiely/Age

What happened to Jordan Banjo’s wife?

Jordan Banjo has emotionally revealed that his fiancée Naomi Courts was nearly put in an ‘induced coma’ after battling sepsis twice. The Diversity dancer, 27, said that Naomi got ‘really ill, really quickly’ following the birth of their daughter Mimi, 15 months, in July 2019.

Is Jordan from Diversity married?

JORDAN Banjo is engaged to his girlfriend Naomi Courts after getting down on one knee during their idyllic holiday in the Maldives. The Diversity star and his fiancee welcomed their second child – daughter Mayowa Angel – just six months ago and have been in a love bubble since.

How tall is Jordan Banjo?

6′ 6″
Jordan Banjo/Height

Did Jesy Nelson Date Jordan Banjo?

Jesy Nelson and Jordan Banjo 2012 – 2014

Jesy and Jordan – who just so happens to be in Diversity and the younger brother of Ashley Banjo – dated for two years at the start of their careers but parted ways due to their busy schedules getting in the way of their romance.

How many kids Ashley Banjo have?

Do Ashley and Francesca have children? The couple are proud parents to daughter Rose, one, and son Micah, who came into the world in March, soon after the start of lockdown.

Who is Ashley Banjo’s wife?

Francesca Abbott
m. 2015
Ashley Banjo/Wife

Who is Jordan Banjo’s dad?

Funso Banjo
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