How much horsepower does a DR650 have?

Suzuki DR 650SE
Make Model Suzuki DR 650SE
Starting Electric
Max Power 32 kW / 43.5 hp / @ 6400 rpm (at rear tyre 27.9 kW / 37.4 hp @ 6500 rpm)
Max Torque 54 Nm / 5.51 kg-m / 39.8 lb-ft@ 4600 rpm
Clutch Wet, cable operated

What is the cruising speed of a DR650?

I sure know I did and I managed to ride the bike with 90 mph on my way to the woods.

Suzuki DR 650SE.
Make Model Suzuki DR 650SE
Rear Tyre 120/90-17
Dimensions Length 2255 mm / 88.8 in Width 865 mm / 34.1 in Height 1195 mm / 47.0 in
Wheelbase 1490 mm / 58.7 in
Seat Height 885 mm / 34.8 in.

Which is better DR650 or KLR650?

For engine performance and design, Suzuki’s DR650 and Honda’s XR650L are at the same level, with both models featuring a 644cc, single-cylinder engine. Suzuki’s DR650 is slightly better due to its air and liquid cooler. … KLR650 is the winner when it comes to the engine.

How much does a DR650 cost?

The flagship dual sport from Suzuki is the DR650S. It is a fun and capable machine that leads Suzuki’s dual sport charge with a trusty 644cc air- and liquid-cooled four-stroke engine and five-speed transmission.

2020 Suzuki DR650S Claimed Specifications.
Price: $6,699
Wet Weight: 366 lb.
Nov 13, 2020

Is the DR650 a good bike?

To the surprise of just a few, the winner is the Suzuki DR650. This confirms a long held suspicion, that the DR650 is the best off-road bike ever produced… … The test rider on the DR650 does a good job of embarrassing other riders on the trail riding bikes that cost twice as much.

How can I make my DR650 lighter?

Is the Suzuki DR650 fuel injected?

The bike is often in the top five sellers of any capacity bikes in New Zealand. The DR650 is also a big seller in both Canada and Australia. It has long been unavailable in Europe due to stringent emission regulations which make it virtually impossible for a non-fuel-injected machine to pass.

How much does Suzuki DR650 weight?

Suzuki DR 650SE
Make Model Suzuki DR 650SE
Dry Weight 147 kg /324 lbs
Wet-Weight 162 kg / 357 lbs
Fuel Capacity 13 Liter / US 3.4 gal / 2.9 Imp gal (CA model 12 Liter / 3.2 US gal / 2.6 Imp gal)
Consumption Average 5.0 L/100 km / 20.1 km/l / 47.3 US mpg / 56.8 Imp mpg

Is DR650 water cooled?

The biggest distinction between the two motors is that the Kawasaki is liquid cooled, while the Suzuki is air/oil cooled. … Some prefer the liquid cooling for longer engine life, particularly if the bike sees a lot of use in heavy traffic.

Will there be a 2022 DR650?

The DR650SE is one of the most versatile motorcycles ever made, from commuting, courier work, weekend toy to all out hardcore adventure touring, the DR650SE is built to be able to handle it all.

Will there be a 2021 DR650?

2021 Suzuki DR650SE : WHEREVER YOUR ROAD LEADS. Imagine having a blast down your favorite back road in your Suzuki DR650SE, you’re looking ahead and see the end of the paved road – there’s no need to stop. Continue your breathtaking journey as the DR650SE will go the extra mile.

How much does a klr650 weight?

Frame Type Tubular, Semi-Double Cradle
Ground Clearance 8.3 in
Seat Height 34.3 in
Curb Weight 460.6 / 456.2 lb*
Fuel Capacity 6.1 gal

Is Suzuki discontinuing the dr650?

For Suzuki, this means the discontinuation locally of the Boulevard cruiser range, the GSX-R600, the iconic GSX-R750, DR200S, DR-Z400SM and the legendary DR650SE.

Is Kawasaki replacing the KLR650?

Kawasaki just announced a number of new models including a 2022 KLR650. … For 2022, Kawasaki welcomes the return of the widely popular and critically acclaimed all-new KLR®650 motorcycle to its lineup. The legendary dual-sport bike is back and better than ever, refined and ready to make new memories.

Does Husqvarna make a dual-sport motorcycle?

In dual-sport trim, the FE 350s and FE 501s offer incredible performance and rider experience on and off the road.