Do pet stores have hedgehogs?

You usually can’t find hedgehogs in the large chain stores like PetSmart, but many of the smaller independently owned pet stores have them. Check your local listings in your area and call the stores for availability. Local Breeders. … Many breeders sell via Facebook or Craigslist as well.

Does PetSmart have hedgehogs?

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not sell hedgehogs in-store or online as of 2021, however, PetSmart does sell a range of products for hedgehog owners. Customers can visit local breeders and animal shelters to buy hedgehogs but should make sure their state does not restrict hedgehog ownership.

How much does a baby hedgehog cost?

Typical costs: Hedgehogs range in price from $125-$250, depending on the hedgehog’s age, color, and temperament. Some breeders offer hedgehog starter kits for around $75 that include a cage, wheel, a hiding place, water bottle, feed bowl and food, and some shavings.

What states is it illegal to have a pet hedgehog?

It’s currently illegal to own a hedgehog in California; Georgia; Hawaii; New York City; Omaha, Nebraska; and Washington, D.C. Other states and cities may have specific restrictions or require a permit to keep one. It’s also illegal to transport hedgehogs out of Africa.

Why is it illegal to have a pet hedgehog?

There are at least 17 known species of hedgehogs. All species are restricted from possession as pets in California primarily because they can become pests where introduced into the wild where they don’t naturally occur.

What is a black hedgehog?

Algerian Blacks have cream colored and heavily banded quills full of black and rust tones. Their shoulder skin is jet-black. So is their nose, mask around the eyes, limbs, and spots on the belly.

What is the cheapest hedgehog?

The cheapest hedgehogs will be either salt and pepper or cinnamon and “pinto” hedgies will be in the mid-price range. The most expensive hedgehogs will tend to be blonde, black or white. Breeders will tend to charge more than a pet store.

Do hedgehogs spikes hurt you?

The quills tend to lay down flat along the back and sides of the hedgehog, all pointing towards their rear end, so as long as you don’t push against the sharp tips of the quills (pet them backwards) they pose no problems or chance of being poked.

Is there a GREY hedgehog?

Who is white Sonic?

Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ, Shirubā za Hejjihoggu?) is a fictional character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Are albino hedgehogs rare?

Albino hedgehogs are extremely rare, with only one in 100,000 born with the recessive gene that causes them to have no melanin pigment in their skin, eyes or spikes. Their unique colour has previously led people to believe they glow in the dark.

Can hedgehogs have blue eyes?

Registered. All hedgehogs have blue around the eyes, it’s the sclera. As for colour of the iris, it can be a sort of blue for some instead of black.

Are albino hedgehogs blind?

Albino hedgehogs are no more likely to be blind than any other colour of hedgehog.

Do hedgehogs have red eyes?

The eyes are ruby-red. The nose is pink. The White category comprises those animals that possess almost 100% solid white spines. The few banded spines that these hedgehogs have are localized to the forehead area, with a few possible across the remainder of the back.

How many teeth do hedgehogs have?

Hedgehogs have teeth—up to 44 of them, and, like any wildlife with teeth, they can bite! They can also carry parasites on their quills.

Can hedgehogs swim?

While they are good swimmers, hedgehogs need an accessible ledge to get in and out of the water, making creeks and rivers great places for a hedgehog pool party, but man-made swimming pools or ponds may have ledges that are too hard for hedgehogs to climb – keep an eye for any hedgehogs in trouble if you have a pool …

Do hedgehogs see color?

Compared to humans, hedgehogs have poor eyesight. … Their limited eyesight allows them to see the outlines of objects, such as a tree, and their color vision is limited to shades of cream and brown. Their binocular vision is limited and they have poor depth perception.

What happens if a hedgehog pricks you?

Their quills become more spread out ready to do harm if required. Since the quills are more spread, they will become more sharp to the touch. The quills should not break through your skin though, but it could be a bit more painful to touch. Some owners describe the feeling as touching a bunch of toothpicks.