Who Is Chris Whitty Wife? Learn About His Harassment Incident

Chris Whitty is a bachelor and does not have a wife. Will Chris ever get married? Tune in to find out.

Christopher John MacRae Whitty or Chris Whitty is a physician and a professor He is also the Chief Medical officer in England, the Chief Medical Advisor of the UK Government, Head of the National Institute for Health Research, and the Chief Scientific Adviser of the Department of Health and Social Care.

Whitty has played a major role in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom.

In Fact, Whitty comes from a well-known family; his father was a British council officer, who was killed by a group of terrorists in 1984. He was only 17 when his father died. Furthermore, Chris’s grandmother was an obstetrician to open the first-ever maternity hospital in Africa.

Who Is Chris Whitty Wife?

Chris Whitty remains unmarried to date. He doesn’t have a wife or kids.

There is no information regarding his past relationships. In Fact, he has not discussed relationships and dating life in public.

Will Chris ever settle down? That is a question only Chris can answer. We will have to wait for Chris to comment on his dating life.

Find Chris Whitty’s Harassment Incident: What happened To Him?

Two thugs harassed Chris Whitty at a street outside St James’s Park in London. The video of him getting harassed has been circulating all over the internet.

We can see two men forcing Chris to take a picture. In the video, Whitty looks very uncomfortable with the men’s shenanigans. However, the thugs keep harassing him.

In Fact, the thugs were pulling Chris for a picture while he was trying to cross the road. One person has even asked the thugs to stop harassing Chris.

Citizens on Twitter are enraged and have asked the government to look into this matter.

Unfortunately, this is the second time Chris has been harassed in public. A young man near a food stall accused him of being a liar and bullied him in February 2021.