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Intro phycologist
A.K.A. Selivanova
Is Scientist 
Type Science 
Gender female

Olga N. Selivanova, phycologist.

Taxon names authored

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  • 16 taxon names authored by Olga N. Selivanova


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  • Selivanova, O.N. & Zhigadlova, G.G. 1997. Marine algae of the Commander Islands. Preliminary remarks on the revision of the flora. III. Rhodophyta. Botanica Marina 40: 15–24.
  • Klochkova, N.G. & Selivanova, O.N. 1989. The species of Halosaccion and Devaleraea (Palmariales, Rhodophyta) in the seas of the Soviet Far East. Botan. Zhurnal. 74: 953–958.
  • Selivanova, O.N. & Zhigadlova, G.G. 2003. Phycodrys valentinae sp. nov. (Delesseriaceae, Rhodophyta) with discussion of other species of the Phycodrys genus from the North Pacific. Russian Journal of Marine Biology 29: 206–215.
  • Guiry, M.D. & Selivanova, O.N. 2007. Masakiella, nom. nov. pro Masakia N.G. Klochkova (Corallinaceae, Rhodophyta), non Masakia (Nakai) Nakai (Celastraceae, Tracheophyta). Phycologia 46: 235–236. doi: 10.2216/06-37.1
  • Selivanova, O.N., Zhigadlova, G.G. & Hansen, G.I. 2007. Revision of the systematics of algae in the order Laminariales (Phaeophyta) from the Far-Eastern Seas of Russia on the basis of molecular-phylogenetic data. Russian Journal of Marine Biology 33: 278–289. Reference page. 
  • Selivanova, O.N. 2009. Gloiocladia guiryi (Selivanova) comb. nov. – a new name for the first member of the family Faucheaceae (Rhodymeniales, Rhodophyta) from the Russian Pacific. Phycologia 48: 439–440. Reference page. 
  • Selivanova, O.N. & Zhigadlova, G.G. 2010. Members of the order Palmariales (Rhodophyta) at the Russian Pacific Coasts. The Genus Palmaria Stackhouse. Russian Journal of Marine Biology 36(7): 497–506. Reference page. 
  • Selivanova, O. 2016. The order Palmariales (Rhodophyta) in the North Pacific area of Russia: taxonomic revision of Halosaccion Kützing and Devaleraea Guiry. Annual Research & Review in Biology 10(5): 1–14, 4 figs. Reference page. 
  • Selivanova, O.N. & Zhigadalova, G.G. 2016. Flabellina avachensis gen. et sp. n. — a new genus and species of the family Delesseriaceae (Rhodophyta) from the near Kamchatka waters of the Pacific Ocean. Marine Biology, Nauka 42(3): 179–188, 5 figs.
  • Filloramo, G.V., Savoie, A.M., Selivanova, O.N., Wynne, M.J. & Saunders, G.W. 2017. Key Kamchatkan collections provide new taxonomic and distributional insights for reportedly pan-North Pacific species of Rhodymeniophycidae (Rhodophyta). Phycologia 56(3): 296–302, 5 fig. doi: 10.2216/15-145.1 Reference page.