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Michelle Madrigal Biography

Michelle Madrigal is a Filipina actress. She is famously known for her roles in such GMA Network series as The Half Sisters and Carmela and in such ABS-CBN shows as Vietnam Rose and Spirits. She also appeared in several Star Cinema films, including My Big Love and One More Chance.

Michelle Madrigal Age

Madrigal was born on the 4th of November 1987. She aged 31 years old as of 2018.

Michelle Madrigal Family

Michelle Gaspar was born Michelle Madrigal Gaspar in Quezon City, Philippines. Her mother Karla Kalua was born as Katherine Madrigal, is an actress, known for Magdalena… Buong magdamag! of 1984 and Chicas (1984), has two daughters. Gaspar has an older sister Era (June 25, 1985).

Michelle Madrigal Education

She attended operation Brotherhood Montessori Center.

Michelle Madrigal Husband | Michelle Madrigal Fiance | Michelle Madrigal Married | Michelle Madrigal Relationship

Speaking of her love life, Madrigal has been to different tastes of love; with Jonahan Romero (2011 – 2013), Jon Hall (2010 – 2011), Victor Neri (2006 – 2007) and JC de Vera (2004 – 2005). Madrigal got engaged to her current partner Troy Woolfolk in July 2017.

Michelle Madrigal Child | Michelle Madrigal Baby | Michelle Madrigal Daughter

The couple announced on April 30, 2017, through Instagram that they were expecting their first child. Madrigal gave birth in Texas at about 1:30 a.m., US time.

Michelle Madrigal Illness

Michelle Madrigal has made a big revelation about her health recently. In an Instagram post, the actress shared that she has been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease.

She wrote,
“It is an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. It means my system makes antibodies that attack the ductless gland. The thyroid becomes broken and can’t build enough thyroid hormones,”

She also revealed that she has developed a goiter. Michelle said that she will opt for natural ways to heal herself.

“We all know that Thyroid hormones control how our body uses energy, so they affect nearly every organ in your body. I am lucky that I am not prescribed with any medications yet. And TBH, I would rather heal myself in a holistic way. I have been doing my analysis on the AIP diet and paleo diet, so I will most likely start with it after our vacation. I started cutting sugar into my diet and it’s wonderful that I’m not extremely desired sweets late,” she said.

She added, “I apprehend healing my gut is simply the primary step, but dealing with daily stress and emotional flare-ups is also another thing. I really am on a large “transition phase” of my life this year. So here’s to healing naturally and being healthy from the inside out!”

Michelle Madrigal Career

Michelle was a former contract star ABS-CBN’s Star Magic, in wherever she started once she joined the fact talent search Star Circle Quest in 2004. Thereafter, she was cast in several TV shows in the network, particularly with the teen drama SCQ Reload and the fantasy horror series Spirits. In 2007, Annabelle Rama took her below her wing as her manager.

She is currently a GMA Network creative person beside her older sister Ehra Madrigal. Michelle and Ehra were both cover girls of FHM for the same month of September but in different years. She was one of the casts of the fantasy series Dyesebel, via the said network, in where she played a villainess. Recently, she is enclosed within the solid of Luna Mystika united of the fairies (other being Pauleen Luna).

Recently, Michelle played Juana Manalo In Zorro and she will include in Sine Novela: Tinik Sa Dibdib which stars Sunshine Dizon (later Nadine Samonte) as Lorna Yadao-Domingo, where she played the only crazy sister in law of Trixie (Ara Mina), later Rita (Sheryl Cruz) Moret or Corazon Domingo.

In 2015, Madrigal came back to ABS-CBN and appeared in Pasión DE {amor|Cupid|Amor|Roman DEity} (based on Pasión de Gavilanes, created by Telemundo), co-starring Jake Cuenca, Arci Muñoz, Ejay Falcon, Ellen Adarna, Joseph Marco and Coleen Garcia. Michelle and her sister Ehra are now talents of Viva Artist Agency since 2015.

Michelle Madrigal Filmography

Television Series




Type of Role


2015-2016 Pasión de Amor Lucia “Cia” Espejo† Supporting role / Antagonist / Protagonist ABS-CBN
2013 Adarna Garuda† Supporting role / Antagonist GMA Network
Genesis Harietta Guest appearance / Antagonist GMA Network
Love and Lies Catherine “Cathy” Alcantara-Galvez / Katrina “Kat” Alberto-Romero Main role
2012 Temptation of Wife Chantal Armada Supporting role / Antagonist
Faithfully Luchie Trajano-Quillamor Main role
2011-2012 Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit Bridgitte Samonte Main role / Antagonist
2011 Captain Barbell: Ang Pagbabalik Anita / Cyclone Supporting role / Antagonist
2010 First Time Valeria Gomez Supporting role
2009-2010 Sine Novela: Tinik Sa Dibdib Moret / Corazon Domingo Supporting role / Antagonist / Protagonist
2009 Zorro Juana Manalo / Caballera Main role
2008-2009 Luna Mystika Anata Supporting role / Protagonist
2008 Mars Ravelo’s Dyesebel Prinsesa Berbola Main role / Antagonist
2007-2008 Kamandag Eliza Supporting role
2007 SineSerye: May Minamahal Mandy Tagle Main role / Antagonist ABS-CBN
2006 Maging Sino Ka Man Yvette Ramos Extended role / Antagonist
Crazy For You Sabrina Supporting role / Antagonist
2005-2006 Vietnam Rose Faith dela Cerna Main role / Antagonist
2005 SCQ Reload: Kilig Ako! Michelle “Mitch” Revilla Main role
2004 Spirits Maya
SCQ Reload: OK Ako! Michelle “Mitch” Revilla


Year Title Role Studio
2011 My Valentine Girls Regal Films, GMA Films
2008 My Monster Mom Maureen
My Big Love Lyn Star Cinema
2007 Resiklo Dr. Miles Imus Productions
One More Chance Star Cinema
2006 Mano Po 5: Gua Ai Di Regal Films
I Wanna Be Happy Seiko Films
2005 D’ Anothers Mayumi Star Cinema

Michelle Madrigal Net Worth

Madrigal has an estimated net worth of $16 Million. She earns her net worth through her professional career.

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Michelle Madrigal News

Michelle Madrigal: I have Hashimoto’s disease

MANILA — Michelle Madrigal is on a journey of “healing naturally” after she was recently diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, the former Kapamilya actress revealed Thursday.

On Instagram, the 29-year-old actress explained to her followers the illness she has to battle, “along with other millions of young and older women who suffer from it.”

She wrote: “It is an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. It means that my immune system makes antibodies that attack the thyroid gland. The thyroid becomes damaged and can’t make enough thyroid hormones.”

Madrigal also shared that she has developed a goiter or an enlarged thyroid, noting that thyroid hormones “control how our body uses energy, so they affect nearly every organ in your body.”

The fitness enthusiast, however, appears to be optimistic about her case as she detailed how she systematically plans to overcome her illness, “in a holistic way.”

Pointing out she has yet to be prescribed any medication, Madrigal said she has been looking into AIP or autoimmune diet, as well as the paleo diet. “I started cutting sugar and gluten into my diet and it is amazing that I am not really craving sweets lately,” she added.

Madrigal, a first-time mom who gave birth just last October, did not discount other challenges that may come up along the way, saying that aside from healing, there are also “daily stress and emotional flare-ups” to deal with.

“I really am on a huge ‘transition phase’ of my life this year. So here’s to healing naturally and being healthy from the inside out!” she concluded, with hashtag a that reflect her goal and mindset — #healthyfromtheinsideout.