Luke Islam(AGT Golden Buzzer) Bio, Age, Quarter Finals and Twitter

Luke Islam Biography

Luke Islam is an American 12-year-old singer from New York City. He is also a member on Wingspan Arts a non-profit arts education organization based in Manhattan. Luke became popular after he auditioned for America’s got talent 2019 week 1 audition. His performance wow the judges including judge Julian Hough who gave him a Golden Buzzer.

Most recently, Luke performed as part of The Cast Recording Experiences 2019 program by The Broadway star Project. Furthermore in 2018, Luke competed in the Broadway musical Waitress’s Karaoke competitions. His vocals were so impressive that even he was posted on the official Instagram page of the show. Luke also received comments from Jason Mraz and Tiffany Mann.

Luke Islam Age

As of 2019, Islam is 12 years old. According to sources, Islam has not shared any details about his birthday. It will be updated soon.

Luke Islam Ethnicity

Luke has not given any details about his ethnicity but he is an American by birth. Both of his parents were born and raised in the USA.

Luke Islam Parents

There are no clear details about  Luke’s parents but  Luke was accompanied by his parents during his first audition and also during his Quarterfinals performance. Luke described his parents as supportive and full of dreams and expectation. Luke told Terry Crews that his parents were the one who introduced him broadway at a young age.

Since then Luke has been able to sing and practice well-enough up to the level he is now.  Luke came to audition at AGT 2019 in order to make his grand entrance into the world of Broadway performances.

Luke Islam Family

During his audition, Islam was accompanied by his two parents both the mother and father. They currently live in New York and they are really proud of their son who has always been singing during his early childhood days and also everywhere in their home in New York.

Luke Islam America’s Got Talent 2019  Golden Buzzer

During the audition round of AGT 2019 on a Tuesday, golden confetti dropped on Luke Islam who was the last Contestant of the day. Luke managed to impress Julianne Hough whom he highlighted as his favorite judge. Aside from that, he also managed to wow all the other judges including Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel and also Simon Cowell.

Hough was so happy to press the Golden Buzzer to Luke because he stated that he looks up to Julianne and her brother as role models. Before the audition began Luke shared out his goals and aspirations to the judges. He clearly stated that his mission was to succeed in showbiz and finally make it Broadway.

Just like that e began the audition to swept the audience and the judges off their feet. This was possible because he managed to deliver the rendition of She Used To Be Mine from the broadway Musical Waitress effortlessly in a calm manner. Luke received all the best comments he could ever have from Simon to Howie, Gabrielle and finally to the teary-eyed Hough who finally pressed the Golden Buzzer.

From there, Luke now proceeded to live shows where he was to face other singers like Charlotte Summers and other acts as the Indian dance crew, the fabulous Youth Choir from South Africa among many other acts.

Luke Islam Quarter Finals

After receiving the golden buzzer, Luke was not seen on the reality TV show in over a month. So finally he showed up in his first live shows ever. This is after his favorite judge Julianne Hough clearly stated that she was highly flattered and admitted that Luke has such talent and grace within him which is special.

Therefore, during his live performance luke snag, a very heartfelt song and he did not disappoint at all with his incredible vocal range. He managed to receive a standing ovation from the judges and also the audience. He is among the best singers of Agt 2019. You can check out his Quarterfinal performance down below.

Luke Islam Waitress

In 2018, Luke Islam competed in the Broadway musical Waitress’s Karaoke competition, and his vocals were so impressive, the official Instagram of the show posted his performance on their page.  During the audition, Islam stated that he always wanted to be part of the Broadway musicals ever since he was as young as 5 years old.

Luke Islam Votes

Luke has been described by many fans across the world as a theater aficionado. This is after sources have confirmed that the audience votes on America’s Got Talent live results were counted. Theses votes are the ones to determine the competition’s semi-finalists. Those live shows will showcase performances on September 3 and September 10. The results will be announced on September 4 and 11. Please vote for Luke Islam and make his dreams come true.

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