Lucie Steiner

Lucis Steiner is an American writer, comedian, producer, Director, and Cinematographer. She has been doing podcasts with her boyfriend, Ray Kump, about their relationship and love life.

Lucis is famous for her role in making the short comedy-drama, Laugh Luna. Also, she does Standup comedy at the Two Minutes to Late Night. The fans love her for her comic timing and sense of humor in her comedy. 

What Is Lucie Steiner’s Age And Height?

Lucie was born on September 28.

Her age hasn’t been publicly revealed yet.

She hasn’t disclosed any information about her height either but looks of average height.

Boyfriend & Family Of Lucie

Lucie is currently dating her boyfriend, Ray Kump.

She has kept the details of her family away from the limelight.

Furthermore, She has posted multiple pictures together with her Boyfriend Ray on Instagram.

Net Worth Of Lucie Steiner

The exact net worth of Lucie is yet to be calculated.

Her primary source of income is from her movies and comedy shows.

She, too, earns a reasonable sum of money from Our Love’s podcasts is Disgusting and Kump.

She has a YouTube channel to stream the podcasts. There are 219 subscribers at the moment.

Twitter Account Of Lucie Steiner

Lucie is active on her Twitter account with the username @lucie_rohan

She has over 6.1k followers on it and has followed 626 people.

She joined her Twitter account in July 2013.

Lucie applauded Mel Gibson’s new movie.

Name Lucie Steiner
Birthday September 28
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Comedian & Writer
Twitter @lucie_rohan. 

Some Facts On Lucie Steiner

  1. Lucie Steiner is active on her Instagram account with the username @thesteinbag. She has over 1.2k followers and has followed 145 people in it.
  2. Her first comedy-drama, Laugh, Launa, aired in 2012. It was of length 13 mins.
  3. Her zodiac sign by birth is Libra.
  4. Lucie’s nationality is American, and her ethnicity is white.
  5. She has done standup comedy in the show Two Minutes to Late Night.
  6. Lucie loves cooking and has shared many posts of foods she made.
  7. Her YouTube channel was created on March 28, 2019. It has combined views of 3k.