Dee Simmons Husband Net Worth: How Much Does Dee Simmons Worth?

Dee Simmons was in a loving relationship with her husband Glen Simmons for more than two decades. Let’s find more about her.

Dee Simmons is a Television Personality. She is the mother of D’Andra Simmons. 

Similarly, she is the founder of Ultimate Living, nutritional supplements. In 2018, Dee finally decided to retire and handed her business down to daughter D’Andra.

She got her name ‘Momma Dee’ from the reality TV show RHOD (Real Housewives of Dallas)

Dee Simmons Husband

Dee has been married twice. Her second husband is Glen Reuben Simmons, a Dallas Mogul. 

However, there is not much known regarding her first husband. Apart from this, we only know that he had a drinking problem which later took his life away.

Glen passed away in 2013.

Dee Simmons Net Worth

Dee has a net worth of millions of dollars. Being a businesswoman and a famous Tv personality has helped her add more to her fortune.

We can see Dee living a lavish lifestyle on her Instagram and RHOD.

Dee Simmons Age, Wikipedia, and Family.

Dee was born on February 22, 1941. As of today, she is 80 years old.

Dee is yet to grace the official page of Wikipedia with her presence.

Dee was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. She and her husband, Glen, traveled around the world looking for the best doctors. With the help of the doctors and the support of her family, Dee beat cancer.

Dee had a successful clothing line and a boutique before she was diagnosed with cancer. She later founded Ultimate Living Nutrition.

Talking about her family, her beautiful daughter D’Andra has been leading a successful career. Her daughter D’Andra has been starring in the Bravo series The Real Housewives of Dallas as the show’s main cast since 2017. Importantly, Dee also appears on the show, and the fans love her. 

The mom-daughter duo has made millions from their business.

Name Dee Simmons
Birthday February 22, 1941
Age 80
Gender Female
Profession Business Woman
Children D’Andra
Instagram @mommadeesimmons