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Bernice Ofei Biography

Bernice Ofei is a Ghanaian award-winning gospel artist. She is best known for hit songs like Hold On fast, Life Is Too Short and many others.

Notably, she has 6 albums to her credit. The 6th of which she recorded in 2007 titled “life”. Which won her two awards during the 10th edition of the MTN Ghana Music Awards as the Best Vocal Female Performer and the Song Writer of the year.

In 2016, Bernice resigned as a banker to be a full-time gospel musician. According to her, she abandoned her job to focus on the work of God after combining banking and her ministry for many years.

Bernice Ofei had her secondary education at Achimota School in Accra, Ghana. She holds an MPhil in crop science from the University of Ghana and an MSc in Information technology from the United Kingdom. She is a wife and a mother of two.

Bernice Offei Songs

  1. Life
  2. Hold On
  3. Life is short
  4. Nyame Kokroko
  5. The Heavens Are Telling

    Bernice Offei

  6. Who Could Stand
  7. Adom Arakwa
  8. His Love For Me
  9. Such love
  10. Ade Nyinaa De Boa Wo
  11. Don Bi Rebo
  12. Don be rebo
  13. Odo a wodo me nti
  14. The end time
  15. He did it
  16. N’adom are kwaa
  17. What a friend we have in jesus
  18. N’adom ara kwa
  19. GhanaExpo
  20. Down Came Christ
  21. I’d Rather Have Your Will
  22. He’s Been Faithful
  23. Nyame Aye Bi Ama Yen
  24. If You Will Trust
  25. We Are Victors
  26. No one compares
  27. Ne Den Nti
  28. The Little Boy
  29. You Are Worthy
  30. Your Handiwork
  31. Oman Ghana
  32. Your Promises Are True
  33. Me Gyefo TE Ase
  34. Adom Ara Kwa
  35. His Love
  36. Its by grace
  37. Wo ye no den
  38. Kashegbee
  39. It’s By Grace
  40. Ɔsoro Do
  41. Oh That Blood (Adehye Mogya)
  42. Where Would I Be
  43. Wɔyɛ Ne Dɛn?
  44. Where would i be?
  45. Osorodo
  46. Oh that blood/ adehye mogya
  47. Hold on Fast
  48. Memma Wo Ho so Kaa Wo Ohe No
  49. Bernice Offei…Life is Short
  50. N’dwom Ara Kwa