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Aaron Schock Bio

Aaron Schock is a former American politician who was Republican U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 18th congressional district from 2009 until 2015. He was born on May 28, 1981, in Minnesota.

Aaron is the youngest of the four children of Janice Marie, a homemaker, and Richard Schock, a family practice physician, and former school board member. In 1995, he was elected to the executive board of the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils.

During the fifth grade, young Aaron began doing database management as an independent contractor for a bookstore chain.

The former politician started his own Individual Retirement Account at age 14. He made a splash in the nation’s capital with his clothing choices, Instagram photos, and interior decorating choices. Aaron resigned after being accused of illegally using campaign funds to finance his over-the-top lifestyle.

Articles about Aaron Schock’s rumored homosexuality have been published in abundant media outlets like The New York Times, Business Insider and HuffPost. Nevertheless, he has denied the claims trending about his sexuality.

In April 2019, the online magazine Queerty reported that multiple people spotted him at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with several gay men. The online magazine also posted a video alleged to be Aaron kissing and fondling one of those men. His actions drew condemnation from gay activists due to his past political stands and votes on gay issues.

In 2009, he told Details that he was not gay. Aaron attended Bradley University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2002, with a major in finance.

The American politician sold his Garage Tek franchise in 2004 before running for state representative. He started this franchise during college when he invested in real estate. It was a garage organizing business.

Aaron Schock Age

Aaron Schock celebrates his birthday every May 28. Considering that he was born in the year 1981, the former politician is now 38 years old.

Aaron Schock Education

Schock attended Richwoods High School graduating in 2000. By his junior year of high school, he had completed nearly all of his graduation requirements and had few course options available because the school district had recently discontinued most of the advanced placement and other advanced courses due to budget cuts.

School district policy did not allow him to graduate early, and the board members refused his requests to change the policy. He began attending classes at Illinois Central College in East Peoria, earning dual credits toward high school and college graduation.

Aaron Schock received his Bachelor of Science degree from Bradley University in 2002, with a major in finance. During college, he invested in real estate and ran Garage Tek, a garage organizing business. Schock sold his Garage Tek franchise in 2004 before running for state representative.

Aaron Schock Relationship

Since 2004, media outlets have questioned Schock’s sexual orientation in relation to his socially conservative voting record. In an interview with Details in 2009, Schock said that he was not gay.

In January 2014, journalist Itay Hod made a post on his personal Facebook page accusing a Republican congressman from Illinois of voting against gay rights, while showering with his male roommate and visiting gay bars.

The New York Times stated that the post “might be described as the world’s most obvious blind item”, and media outlets considered the post to be an outing of Schock.

In April 2019, Schock was photographed at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with several gay men, and a video was publicized that showed a man, alleged to be Schock, kissing and fondling another man at the same event. In June 2019, a video was released showing Schock tipping a male go-go dancer at a gay bar in Zona Rosa, Mexico City.

In October 2019, Schock was seen and photographed at a queer dance party in Los Angeles. Schock’s actions drew condemnation from gay rights activists due to his past political stances and votes on gay issues.

Aaron Schock Height

He stands at a height of 1.73 meters.

Aaron Schock Coachella

Two of the gay men at Coachella, who posed for a photo with closeted former Congressman Aaron Schock have apologized. They said they had no idea who he was, asserting they had just met when he asked to be included in the picture that has outraged the LGBTQ community.

Two of the gay men at Coachella, who posed for a photo with closeted former Congressman Aaron Schock have apologized. They said they had no idea who he was, asserting they had just met when he asked to be included in the picture that has outraged the LGBTQ community.

Will Rossi, one of the men, wrote in a post on Instagram, “Rob and I have been out since we were 14 and 15, respectively; and living as proud gay men in a loving relationship, who hope to get married one day. We are entirely against Aaron Schock’s values, views, and actions.”

“We had just met Aaron the day of the photo at Coachella, and before posting it, we were embarrassingly unaware of: who he was, his political views, and the extent of his negative impact on the LGBTQ community which we are proudly a part of.”

“Rob and I wanted to take a photo with our friends at Coachella, to celebrate our last day there. Being polite, we allowed Aaron –who was basically a stranger to us and someone we just met – to include himself in our photo,” Rossi posted.

“We would not have allowed Aaron to join the photo, nor would we have associated with him if we had more knowledge of his beliefs and past actions. For our own political ignorance, we are deeply sorry.”

“We hope Aaron does decide to come out publicly and live the gay life he so freely enjoyed at Coachella, the kind of life so many out and proud LGBTQ individuals have fought for and have made possible for younger gay people to live today…

…We hope if or when Aaron does decide to come out and own his actions, he apologizes and makes amends with the LGBTQ community because he certainly owes us one,” Will Rossi concluded. Aaron Schock’s sexuality was DC’s worst-kept secret.

Aaron actively opposed LGBTQ rights while he was in office. Despite the parade of young men who visited his DC apartment, he remained an anti-gay voter. Besides, journalist Itay Hod outed him in 2014, claiming he had walked in on his male roommate and Aaron Schock showering together.

Later on at night during Coachella, he was caught making out with another man while shoving his hand down the man’s pants.

Aaron Schock Video

Aaron Schock Coachella Video

Aaron Schock Net Worth

According to celebrity net worth, Aaron Schock is an American politician who has a net worth of $500 thousand. To see his assets and investments and how much they are worth, simply click here.

Aaron Schock Office

Annie Brahler, the designer behind what might be the most famous office on Capitol Hill, is a busy woman. She is the founder of Euro Trash, a design and import company that specializes in “the time-worn imperfections of the past.”

Aaron Schock’s office was located in the House of Representatives’ Rayburn Office Building. One of the former congressman’s employees told the Post that the unusual decor had been inspired by the well-known British period drama.

Annie had designed Aaron’s previous office as well and knew that only an office drenched in red, accented by bits of gold and white, would do. Many outlets have questioned how the former politician was able to pay for such a visually stunning office. Contrary to what some initial reports indicated, Annie emphasized that she is indeed being paid for her services.

She said that the decor she found for Aaron was, like many of her other projects, chosen on a resourceful budget. The decor included inexpensive reproductions of oil paintings bought online, velvet from Jo-Ann’s Fabric and furniture cleverly forged back together with J-B Weld epoxy.

Besides, the red paint was from Home Depot. “Aaron is open-minded enough to know that just because it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t have to look cheap,” Annie Brahler said.


Aaron Schock is active on Instagram @aaronschock. He has amassed a number of 22.5k followers with more than 348 posts. See his post in the embed below.

Aaron Schock Today

Earlier this week, disgraced Republican ex-congressman Aaron Schock raised suspicions that he might be preparing for a political comeback after he filed a Statement of Organization with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for the “Schock for Congress” campaign.

However, Schock has finally revealed whether or not he’s going to run. Basically the answer is no, for now. Shock told the Journal Star that his FEC filing “does not signal an intent to run for his old 18th District seat.” The Journal Star explains:

Schock has kept his “Schock for Congress” campaign account active since his resignation in March 2015 and paid a series of legal bills out of it during a protracted investigation into his spending by federal prosecutors that the committee resolved earlier this year with an agreement to pay fines.

He said the recent filing on the account “simply changed the treasurer (position on the account) back to me.” … Schock said that “we don’t need a big third-party compliance firm like we had been using. They’re expensive.”

So it seems he has kept the fund open (even though it reportedly has no money in it) for legal reasons. And it also seems entirely possible that Shock might run again at some other point.

However, considering the recent leaking of his sexually explicit photos and the 2015 corruption scandal which brought about his resignation, it’s unlikely that he’d do very well.