Theta (Cryptocurrency)

Theta is a decentralized video content streaming platform, powered by users and an innovative new blockchain.

Using a unique and innovative blockchain network, Theta is backed up by a team that holds more than three decades of experience in the video streaming space, including advisors such as Steven Chen Shijun, the co-founder of YouTube and Justin Kan, the co-founder of Twitch. .


The Theta Network utilizes an open source protocol that is specifically designed to decentralize streaming services. The unique nature of the Theta Network blockchain will also allow for the creation of decentralized app layers that provide specific functions, such as peer to peer streaming, live sports broadcasts, education, conferencing, television and movies, and more.

Theta contains two sections. The first is its video conveyance network. This is shaped from hubs that join the network and contribute their bandwidth. This network is the thing that shapes the genuine decentralized video delivery. The subsequent part is the Theta blockchain. This is for impetus purposes, to give a reason for participants to join the delivery network.

Theta token exists as an ERC20 token and doesn’t have any utility capacity. However, on March 15, 2019, when Theta advanced to its native mainnet, the tokens were traded 1:1 for the new Theta tokens, riding on top of Theta’s new blockchain. “Theta” blockchain fills in as an accord layer for installments and awards inside the environment.

The blockchain will be totally open-source and the group trusts that designers will construct and convey their own dApps on head of the blockchain.

Once the ‘mainnet’ goes live, these new tokens will primarily be utilized for securing the Theta blockchain. Also, the team hopes that people will utilize the token as a method for paying and renumerating content creators, trading virtual products and buying premium substance. .


Theta token currently has 12 team members. A few of the team members are:

  • Jieyi Long – Cofounder / CTO ..
  • Ribao Wei – Principal Engineer.
  • Qinwei Gong – Platform Architect
  • Jing Xu – Blockchain Engineer.
  • zhenyang Tang – Blockchain Explorer Engineer .
  • Jerry Kowal – Head of Content .
  • Kyle Laffey – Head of Partnerships etc.

Partnership and Investors

Theta tokens currently has 23 investors. Few of the investors are;

DHVC, Sierra Ventures, Dcm, The ventures reality funds, Colopl VR fund, Gree, Sparkland, ZP capital, Advancit Capital, CAA, Greycroft, BDMI, Heuristic, Sony Innovation Fund, Samsung, Gumi, IBC, Nirvana Capital, Seraph, ZMT capital, Synapse Capital, aelf. .