Pancake Bunny (BUNNY)

Pancake Bunny (BUNNY) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that has a growing Defi yield aggregator used for PancakeSwap. The PancakeBunny protocol empowers farmers (Users) to leverage their yield-seeking tendencies to optimize yield compounding strategy on BSC.


To create a platform that automatically compounds yields for all individuals, no matter how small users’ stake may be.


To expand the Defi ecosystem, specifically on the Balance Binance Smart Chain, while providing users with various strategies to maximize returns while minimizing risk.


BUNNY Token is Pancake Bunny native governance token. BUNNY holders govern our ecosystem and receive the majority of farm performance fee profits. Holding/Staking BUNNY is not only beneficial for individual profits but also ensures the Bunny Ecosystem runs smoothly.

BUNNY provides strategies for various needs of farmers from the highest yield seekers to the risk-reward optimizing smart investors. Every Farm requires a different Flip Token. Furthermore, the different Farms represent different risk tolerances for Bunny users.

A high APY usually means more volatility in the underlying token price. For example, BUSD-BNB has a much lower compounded APY than CAKE-BNB, since BUSD is a stablecoin that is pegged to the dollar and does not experience volatility.

The risk of farming on BUNNY, is the Systematic Risk and Idiosyncratic Risk. The Systematic Risk that can decrease the monetary value of assets deposited, be in BNB, CAKE, etc.


BUNNY holders control the ecosystem and receive the majority of farm performance fee profits. In order to claim these profits, BUNNY holders stake their tokens in the BUNNY Governance Pool. Profits are sent to this pool in the form of BNB rewards.

The amount of profits users receive is determined by the number of BUNNY tokens user stake (%of the pool). Later on, these governance tokens will be used to vote on decisions within BUNNY community. Thus the more BUNNY user stake, the higher the user influence in the ecosystem .