Coinsbit (cryptocurrency exchange)

Coinsbit (Launched in August 2018) is a reliable centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Estonia. Described as the next-generation cryptocurrency exchange, Coinsbit exchange offers trading in digital assets, Stablecoins, and cryptocurrencies, including ETH, EOS, IQ, XRP, and CNB among others, also ensuring privacy for its users.


Coinsbit Exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Estonia with about 1.5 million registered users from over 190 countries around Europe, Asia, Latin, America, and other regions. According to CoinMarketCap, Coinsbit Exchange is a top 6 crypto exchange with a 24h trading volume of more than $2.3 billion USD and the top 16 cryptocurrency exchanges by liquidity with more than $13 million USD of liquidity. In addition, Coinsbit has more than 6 Million visits per month, over 90 Payment methods, over 150,000 Subscribers in social media channels, and the exchange platform supports 14 languages. Coinsbit Exchange accepts Visa and MasterCard for depositing funds.

Coinsbit exchange offers cryptocurrency trading from anywhere in the world. Giving room for close deals with maximum profit, Coinsbit reacts instantly to market changes with the Coinsbit mobile app, thus making available all the power of the Coinsbit exchange on the user’s smartphone.

Ranking the top largest exchange on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, Coinsbit exchange was also named the “best trading platform launched in 2018” at Blockchain Life 2019 Asia. Coinsbit’s services have also been integrated within 200,000 POS terminals in South Korea, Vietnam, China, and India. Establishing itself as one of the most reliable and protective exchanges, 95% of the platform users’ funds are stored within cold wallets. This reduces the risks of unauthorized access, cyber hacks, and other vulnerabilities that are common to exchange platforms.

Furthermore, Coinsbit has more than 100 active markets. The exchange platform allows fiat-to-cryptocurrencies trading as well as crypto-to-crypto trading to cater to user’s convenience. Notably, Coinsbit has implemented ITEcosystem OÜ’s technology that enables a high throughput performance with a processing speed of up to 10,000 trades every second.

Moreover, Coinsbit’s unique feature – Invest Box, allows traders to earn by investing free coins. It also functions as a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows P2P loans and permits traders to act as lenders. By utilizing its native tokens- CNB tokens, users can take advantage of accessing Coinbit’s platform services.

Reportedly, Coinsbit will be the first international cryptocurrency exchange that will drive the cryptocurrency payment integration into popular marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Taobao, and Shopify. Through the Coinsbit Store, the platform can deliver better and safer opportunities when dealing with digital transactions. Coinsbit pursuit is on the user’s confidence in using its platform, and over a million of its traders reportedly appreciates the convenience and reliability of the exchange platform.


Coinsbit exchange has the following unique features on its platform:

Assets Security

The user’s protection is a priority for every crypto exchange. So it is also on Coinsbit, the user’s assets’ safety-its vision. The Security unit of this exchange platform works every day to improve and develop the security of our platform. To make its users feel comfortable and safe. The latest security systems and firewalls, storing assets in cold wallets and painstaking work give Coinsbit the right to be called a truly safe exchange.

OTC Platform

Users can buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and safely. OTC Coinsbit is a modern platform to carry out OTC transactions. All the transactions are carried out based on the “escrow” principle, which guarantees the receiving of cryptocurrency or fiat funds. Users can now exchange Cryptocurrencies with no fear of exchange rate fluctuations, and with maximum confidentiality and security. The most favorable quotes out of exchange orders available with one click.

Coinsbit Store

Described as the world’s first online store for buying goods with cryptocurrencies, Coinsbit claims to have collected the best offers from the largest online stores in the world at the user’s convenience. So, users can buy goods from anywhere in the world from their exchange account. Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange has regularly been publishing information about the marketplace for buying goods from world-famous trading platforms, such as Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, AliExpress, and others with cryptocurrency.

Staking Pool – Coinsbit

Conventionally, trading is always risky. But on Coinsbit users are given the opportunity to avoid risks. Users can earn by investing free coins in StakingPool. As a result, the user can safely make a profit, developers promote can their projects, and the exchange also attracts new deposits. Making sure everybody wins.

Code – Coinsbit

Users can Generate unique codes and transfer their coins to any other user safely. All done with no commission, confirmations, and basically Instantly.

Coinsbit Exchange Token (CNB)

CNB Token is a service token of the largest crypto exchange in Eastern Europe – Coinsbit. This cryptocurrency was launched as a token to optimize the users’ experience and provide users with access to the many advantages of the exchange platform.

P2P Loans

By using the platform’s Peer-to-peer lending platform, the Coinsbit exchange offers users the opportunity not only to take loans but also to act as a lender. Coinsbit ensures that working with P2P loans is made much easier. So, users can get or create P2P loans at Coinsbit.

Advantages of Coinsbit

Coinsbit cryptocurrency exchange provides the following benefits:

High Performance

One of Coinsbit’s distinguishing benefits is that its processing speed is up to 10,000 trades every second and 1,000,000 Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) connections.

Strong security

Over 95% of all currencies listed on Coinsbit are stored in cold wallets. Coinsbit exchange is incorporated with a Web application firewall (WAF) – a web application security screen that detects and blocks hacker attacks.

Trade Anywhere

Coinsbit exchange offers trading cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. Giving the user access to its platform even with the user’s smartphone.

Coinsbit Exchange Token (CNB)

Coinsbit Token (CNB) is the native Cryptocurrency of the Coinsbit exchange platform. As a service token, the CNB token was designed with the goal of optimizing the user experience and providing access to enhanced features on the Coinsbit exchange. Coinsbit Token (CNB) has a total supply of 1,350,000,000 CNB . According to its roadmap, the opening of trading pairs and the beginning of trading CNB Token reportedly began between the 24th of December 2019 and December 31, 2019. The Coinsbit token’s ticker is denoted as CNB and it’s actively traded on P2PB2B.

Buying CNB Tokens

Users who intend to buy CNB token can simply make a purchase of this cryptocurrency from the Coinsbit exchange after registering their membership. After which the user is expected to fund the account either with fiat money using Visa and MasterCard or with Cryptocurrency. Then the user can proceed to buy Coinsbit token on the Coinsbit exchange platform. Users can also buy CNB tokens on any other altcoin-CNB-supporting crypto exchange. Some examples are given below:

Supporting Exchange

Coinsbit Exchange token (CNB) token is also listed on the following trading platforms:

  • P2PB2B
  • Hotbit
  • Bithumb
  • Bkex
  • Alterdice.

Distribution of funds received from Token sales

Description Percentage (%)
Technical update of the exchange functionality 40 %
Marketing, and the development of new regions 40 %
Reserve fund. 20 %
Smart Contract Address:

Trading on Coinsbit

Users intending to begin trading on Coinsbit exchange will need to start by:

Creating an Account:

Users are required first to register their membership on this CoinsBit exchange with their email address, after which they are to input a password, confirm the password, CAPTCHA, and then accept the terms and conditions. Users are then expected to click the button ‘Sign Up’ after which they can proceed to check their email for confirmation in a few minutes. Users are then to click the activation link, then a welcoming to the Coinsbit exchange pops- up.

Securing Your Account

Having created an account on the crypto exchange, users are to ensure the security of their account by activating a Multi-factor authentication. This could be activated by downloading the application Google Authenticator from Play Market or App store. The user is then expected to go to the ‘tab Settings’ in section Security, and then use the scanner QR code in the downloaded application or enter a number by hand. After the addition, the tab COINSBIT in the application, enter in the field “Please Enter Key” authentication code.


After the sign-up, the user is expected to make a deposit of cryptocurrency. Upon clicking on ‘Balance’ which is positioned at the top left corner, a deposit address and/or a QR code will be generated required for the Crypto deposit by the user.

Placing Order:

Placing of orders either to buy or sell can not exceed the user’s balance. On the Coinsbit trading page, there are windows showing actual orders for the purchase and sale of other users of its exchange. And users are to note that the rate is not fixed, since the Coinsbit platform is an exchange, so the rates are taken based on the orders placed by other users on the “Trade” page. After placing an order, users can see it either on the “Trade” page in the “My Orders” window.

Trading Volume by Market Pair:

Market Pair Volume in Percentage (%)
BTC/USDT 26.8 %
ETH/USDT 9.1 %
ETH/BTC 7.8 %
BTC/USD 6.3 %
BTC/TUSD 4.7 %
BTC/EUR 4.3 %
BTC/PAX 4.0 %
ETH/USD 3.5 %
LTC/USDT 2.9 %
ETH/EUR 2.9 %
BNB/USDT 2.1 %
ETH/TUSD 1.6 %

Trading Volume by Currency :

Currency Volume in Percentage (%)
USDT 51.3 %
BTC 12.9 %
USD 12.6 %
TUSD 6.6 %
EUR 7.3 %
PAX 5.2 %
BUSD 1.2
USDC 0.9 %
ETH 1.7 %

Coinsbit DEX

Coinsbit Exchange has recently announced the onboarding of its Decentralized Exchange (DEX). The Coinsbit DEXaims to provide its users with the ability to make a swap without Login and Registration. Users are just required to connect their MetaMask to its DEX and start the trade.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Aside from the common trading, staking, exchange, and swapping services that are available on its platform, the Coinsbit exchange also has its initial exchange offering (IEO) launchpad, a platform for launching cryptocurrency projects. On its IEO page, users can invest in new cryptocurrency projects that are examined and supported by the Coinsbit exchange. The launchpad has already funded several IEOs, and this includes, Smart Trading Connection (STC) , Crypto Verification System (CVS), Block Back (BB) , S3XY token, BZAR coin, Loan Token Platform (LTP), and CNX token. To participate in Coinsbit’s IEOs, a user needs to have a verified account and a filled google form as provided on its platform.

Recent Listings

Coinsbit (Cryptocurrency Exchange) has hundreds of Cryptocurrencies markets listed on its exchange platforms and recently listed a token on AEVOLVE’s AVEX medical blockchain token.

Social Media

Coinsbit Exchange is active on social media, and users or participants could reach the platform on the following social handle- Twitter, Telegram, Facebook , Instagram , and Linkedin.