BIZZCOIN (BIZZ) is an ERC20 coin that can be purchased in exchange for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Built on the Ethereum blockchain, BizzCoin is designed to accelerate transactions while offering lower transaction fees.

BIZZCoin Ecosystem

BIZZCOIN has quite a number of platforms that form the ecosystem of BIZZCOIN. And this include:


The BizzWallet is a non-Custodial Wallet that functions as a mnemonics-based, secure mobile wallet to transfer and store Bitcoin, Ethereum, BIZZ, and other ERC-20 Coins.


The BizzExchange is a Trading Platform . It is a crypto exchange designed for secure, quick, and easy trading of major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BIZZ.


Another platform of the BizzCoin ecosystem is the BizzMart. It is a Shopping Platform and an e-commerce portal for global users to register as buyers or sellers to buy and sell diverse products using the native token of the platform (BIZZ).


The BizzTravel allows for Booking with BIZZ . Users can now use BizzCoin to explore new places and book your flights, hotels, holidays, and much more.

infiPay (BizzCoin Crypto Bank)

The infiPay is a Crypto-Friendly banking system that supports International Business and personal bank account with master and Visa cards. It also supports multiple crypto and fiat currencies.

BizzCoin POS System

The BizzCoin Point of sale system is an advanced gateway for businesses to pay for any products or services using BIZZ globally. The point of sale system will potentially benefit businesses and individuals when making cross-border payments for products or services as the BizzCoin Point of Sale will not only expedite the payment process but also make it cost-efficient and transparent.


Users on the BizzCoin platform can play Games on their phone and win BizzCoin .


BizzCoin cashpoint will serve as an ATM to enable users to purchase and deposit BIZZ in exchange for Fiat currency.


BIZZCOIN is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain and used for major transactions on the BizzCoin platform. Bizzcoin’s ticker symbol is BIZZ and it has a maximum supply is 320,000,000 BIZZ. BIZZCOIN (BIZZ) is currently traded on Bilaxy (exchange).

BizzCoin has many advantages over its contemporaries as it is launched with a fully-functional ecosystem that ensures usability from the very first day. BizzCoin plays an extremely significant role in driving transactions on a number of platforms, internationally, including shopping, trading, travel, remittance, merchant services, staking, and many more. It is designed also to be the backbone of BizzCoin Referral and Reward Program. The acceptance and usage of BIZZ will increase its popularity as well as value.

Social Media

Bizzcoin (BIZZ) has accounts on a number of social media which include- Twitter , Telegram , Facebook , Linkedin , Instagram , YouTube.